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I last had sex with my (now ex) boyfriend about 8 weeks ago. it was the last day of my period and he pulled out. I got my period as normal and I didn't even think I was pregnant until someone joking said that I might be pregnant when I mentioned that I was gaining weight around my belly. I started to research pregnancy symptoms and things that I recently noticed about myself came up as symptoms (swollen gums and noticeable veins in the chest area). I took a HPT and it came back negative (this was a week and a half ago). I went to a clinic 4 days later and had a blood pregnancy test done and it too came back negative. I have since gotten my period again, but this time it was noticeably much lighter. My periods are usually very heavy the first couple of days with severe cramps and some clotting and then followed by 2-3 days of light bleeding. This time I had 1 and half days of some bleeding a little cramping and by today (the third day) nothing at all. My belly feels like it's getting bigger and I always feel gassy and bloated and crampy. I also have weird sensations in my belly that I KNOW is not gas. I'm not nauseous at all and I rarely feel hot and I'm also in my late 30's which puts the odds against it too. I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks, but this is driving me crazy.

What are the chances that a urine and blood test taken 6-7 weeks after I had sex could be wrong?


Hi, I know you posted this a long time ago...but I was wondering what happened? I have basically the same thing going on now...thanks!