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the past few months i have been having irregular bowel movements. i used to go at least once every day or other day... now i don't have to go for days... I had one Sunday then not again till thursday. When i do this, I will go back and forth to the bathroom. I end up going till i think there is nothing left. it starts out hard, then turns into Diarrhea. this whole time i am having stomach pains that i could cry with. I was told by a nurse that i could have IBS. i have started a new diet to see if this will help and i'm trying to add more fiber. any idea what this could be?


This could simply be a case of poor bowel habits and/or diet. Sounds like you have the right idea changing things up. Roughage and water are key. Drink plenty of water spread out through the day. (if you drink it too fast, your body just gets directs it to your bladder unless you are already dehydrated) Avoid pasta, white rice, and bread as they can prevent regularity. Also avoid candy and exessive amounts of sugar as they can feed candida and compound your problem. With any luck, this may resolve the issue. It would be wise to do a colon cleanse when things return to normal to prevent recurrance.

Good luck :-)