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My three year old Daughter has had diarrea for a couple of weeks now and now im noticing off white mucus balls in it. The other day she pooped out only one ball of mucus . Should i be worried?


Hello! Does your child suffer from stomach spasms as well or any other abdominal discomfort? The symptoms of diarrhea with white mucus remind me of irritable bowel syndrome that causes abdominal pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation and affects both children and adults.

How does she react to food? In IBS, bowels are oversensitive and usually after meals muscle spasms start and cause all the symptoms. Diarrhea is usually present for a long time, most often with white mucus.

IBS doesn’t do any damage to the intestines, in order to diagnose it, doctors perform a physical exam and if there are no underlying conditions or diseases, they can diagnose IBS.

Treatment in children usually consists of dietary changes, involving more fiber and less fat to prevent muscle spasms and therefore control the symptoms.

Additionally, if your child’s pain is relieved by bowel movements you may consider IBS.