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I had dirrehea that are not really painful but just like normal bowel movements and they always come shortly after every meal and sometimes in the day I would just have a normal bowel movement. im kind of scared. what are this related to? im 19 this year. please help.


I started showing symptoms of IBS when I was 18 years old, and it only got worse over the years and started to control my life.  My main trigger was driving in the morning.  If I had to drive anywhere before 11am I would have to stop to use the bathroom at least once, but it got up to 3 stops by the time I started doing something about it.  I went to a local naturopath who tested me for my food sensitivities, the big ones were all corn products (which was SO hard to cut out!) and cows milk products.  I cut those things out and started taking peppermint oil in my water and within a few months I wasn't having to worry about it anymore!  It's been two years and I'm still fine!  You can take control of your bowel health, don't be scared!  If you're willing to change your diet up a bit that will help a lot.  Taking a really good probiotic or eating fermented foods.  See if you have a naturopath in your area or a chiropractor who specializes in applied kinesiology who can help you figure out your food sensitivities and tell you if you have other things going on like parasites, candida, thyroid problems, etc can all contribute to bowel problems.  If you do peppermint oil in your water you want to make sure it says doesn't say "do not ingest" on the bottle.  I use Young Living.