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Will IBS make a person pass out during a bowl movement? My mother said it is IBS but i dont think it is b/c she will most of the time pass on the toilet. Sometimes it would only happen every now and then but now it almost every week. Please help i really worred. If it is IBS can she take anything for it? Thanks Ambria


Hi Ambria,

Yes there are medications that can help SOME people with IBS. There are also other means of support, changes in diet too which can help.

I was diagnosed with IBS last year and know how horrendous a bowel movement can be and my husband is at times terrified for me. I have felt light headed and near to passing out and NO, I do NOT think this is normal.

There are differing sorts of IBS and I wonder if your mother has seen a doctor for an official diagnosis on this? IBS symptoms can be muddled with another condition called COLITIS, but her GP can get some tests ordered.

There are medications such as ANTI-SPASMODICS which help (I know because I take them). Also changing her diet and avoiding the foods that make the IBS worsen (if it is IBS) help. Changing her diet will help the constipation side of the IBS and there is also meds which help that too. There is support but your mother needs to access that help first.

I don't blame you for being worried, I would be too. Try and talk to your mother about how worried you feel and find out if she has been to her GP. If she has not then try and talk her into it.

She may be concerned that it is something more serious? You have not put her age or any other details? When we have something wrong with us, our instincts tend to over worry and this could be what your mother is doing and why she is dismissing her symptoms to you.

I hope all is well but tell her if she has IBS, she can be helped. I am speaking as someone who now suffers 80% less abdominal pains thanks to medication.

Best Wishes


Yes. I recently found out I have IBS after I have been suffering it for over 30 years. I passed out in a park when I was 14 while feeling abdominal pain. Ever since then, I passed out many times including on a bus, ferry, at work, and even while I was sitting on a toilet bowl. Several times I almost pass out while I was driving and fortunately my experience told me to pull over and to find a washroom as soon as I could manage. I have altered bowel behavior such as constipation or diarrhea, and I could pass out only when I have diarrhea. Sometime it comes with cramp in my hand, leg as well as tummy.