I was diagnosed with a ruptured ovarian cysts (like three years ago). The symptoms were typical: sharp pain in the right side, nausea, lower back pain, cramping, fatigue, lethargy, and breast pain. I haven't had a ruptured cyst since, but I have had nausea and cramping before my periods. My periods are normal 5-7 days every twenty eight day span. In September, it was very light and short. It was then that I got the nausea that has yet to go away. My period was short in October, and it was very very light in November, but lasted two weeks!
As of now, I have the following problems: headaches, backaches, night sweats, nausea (horrible at night and early in the morning), gas, easily tired, always hungry, muscle spasms in my lower abdomen(started about two weeks ago), random sharp pains in my lower abdomen and hips/vagina, constipation, tingling/hurting/itching of my belly button, jeans are uncomfortable against my stomach and belly button (makes me nauseous), and leg cramps. I don't know if the leg cramps are even related. (LOL). I've taken three pregnancy test with all being negative. I have also gone to the doctor and she found no masses on my ovaries. I have an ultrasound scheduled for mid-January. The major annoyances are the night sweats, hunger, nausea, and weird feeling in my lower abdomen (I can actually feel a gas bubble and this fluttering at the same time!). The fluttering has woken me from sleep. If you have any idea, that would be nice.