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So awhile ago, I got this really sharp pulling pain in my belly button. I dont get this normally, its very unpredictable, but I know its happened many times before. Sometimes it happens after I urinate, but not all the time. The pain is a very pully feeling. When I'm bent over it doesnt hurt. But if I try too straighten myself up, or bend back the pain feels as if theres a thick short string connecting too my belly button too my privates or into like a deep lower part of my abdomen.. I'm not really sure where the pain goes cause I'm focused on making it stop. I'm 15 year old female, pretty sure I'm not pregnant, and this happens even when I'm not expecting my period. I'm scared that theres something wrong, but I dont know what it is. Does anyone know?


It can be something like a hernia or an issue with your uterus.  Does it hurt when you press on the area?  Is it more in the middle of your lower abdomen or over more to the left or the right?  If it is to the right, that could be something with your appendix.  You will need to see a doctor to get a better assessment on what could be going on.  The least of your problems could be that it is a pulled muscle so every time you stretch and stand up straight, you are stretching the sore muscle and feeling it.  I hope that your visit to the doctor reveals a very simplistic problem.