I am a 20 year old female about 135bls. For almost 2 weeks I have had swelling starting in the lower right side of my belly button. It started with just a pulling sensation in my belly button and got more painful from there. The pain is an inch to the right of my belly button and radiates to my hip and when i sit hunched forward it is an inch above my belly button. When I am leaning forward it also have firm pressure under my lower right ribs. The pain and tugging feeling get worse at later in the day and after I eat meals, no particular foods seems to make it worse. The swelling is soft around my belly button and sort of harder when it gets towards my pelvis. It does not extend to my groin. I went to the doctors and they did a blood tests and ultrasound (both of my abdomen and er..in my lady parts). There was no sign of a mass or hernia and no problems with my blood work. I have had lose stools and am developing tenderness around my belly button and about and inch away from my hip. When i press an inch or so from my hip while laying down (for the past two weeks) it makes a gassy noise. The doctor said its normal and just a gas bubble but I don't feel like it should be there for so long. It also sounds like it ***** air back in when i release. When the swelling started my period got very heavy and then stopped 3 days in which is strange for me.