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So today around noon I had a sharp stabbing pain that lAsted about ten minutes and stopped. I went to the lake for Mother's Day and it reoccurred off and on mildly once or twice. I chalked it up to a stomach bug. However when I got home around 3 I started having severe abdomoninal pain right at an a little above my belly button. There was some slight pain to the right but it was mainly focused on the belly button. It was intense pain almost a little worse than period cramps just enough to make me uncomfortable but not enough to make me cry. I feel constipated but can pass a tiny bit of gas not much. It was starting to radiate outwards and has eased off a little bit. Before I could only lay on my left side and sleep. Does this seem like it could be apendicitis?



the general rule you need to follow is - if the pain becomes sharper and stronger to the point where you can't even comfortable position to sit in - you need to have a doctor examine you and rule out the possibility of the pain you're experiencing being caused by appendicitis.

However, you can check yourself are you experiencing one of the appendicitis symptoms - rebound tenderness, by lying down and placing your hand on the lower right side of your abdomen in a way that your thumb is touching your navel and all other fingers are spread across your lower abdomen area. If you feel pain there, whether when you touch the area, or when your fingers are up - it would be a good idea to see a doctor,

Wish you all the best, Nicole