i just got my ultrasound today and the results are perplexing:

gestational sac(s)
A - 2.39cm - 7weeks 3 days
B - 1.98cm - 6 weeks 3 days
C - 1.31cm - 5 weeks and 3 days

cervix 3.36 cm

comments : there are 3 poorly decidualized fgestational sacs showing no yolk sac or fetal pole

impressions :
early multiple pregnancy
trichorionic, triamniotic

what does this mean?? should i expect a miscarriage? i am really scared and i wanted to research online so i'll be prepared for a doctor's visit. abortion is illegal where i live, and to be quite honest, i am seriously considering this option. due to my present life circumstances, there's no way i can afford triplets =( the sight of those 3 empty sacs were very distressing...

does anyone have similar experiences? what happened? and how could they be from different weeks? the ultrasound clearly shows that they are of largely different sizes. i have never taken any fertility drugs, there are no twins at all in my family and my partner's immediate and extended family.