Hi. I am 29 and I’m 4 weeks pregnant. I took 4 misoprostol( two vaginal and two oral) 36 hours ago. I had pain and crumple in first 3 hours but no blood at all.  After that the pain left. 7 hours after taking pills, I start bleeding lightly. Then a red colt came out and it stoped again. No significant pain or blood at all. I went and take ultrasound. But I didn’t told that I have taken pills because it’s illegal in my country. The doctor said “there is a suspected gestational sac without obvious fetal pole in proper position in the uterus”. He said I should take another ultra sound in two weeks. When I was in doctor office I start bleeding a little again. It was brown and I’m not sure the brown colt came out after ultrasound or before that. It was a brown solid colt but no obvious shape. I’m afraid that abortion wont get complete. I don’t know if I should take more pills or not. As I said abortion is illegal in my country and I am confuse now. I would be very thankful if you help me.