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To attain weight loss, sculpt your body, and feel like She-ra, women need to lift weights. Lifting weights is beneficial both mentally and physically for ladies of all ages. Old myths about women lifting are bunk, and here's why women should pump iron.

Ladies, if you have been hiding in the cardio rooms of your gym, it’s time to venture to a new realm. Move on over to the weight room, aka Iron Paradise! Some women view it as “The Dark Side” of the gym because they have heard far too many silly rumors about the combination of women plus weights or they are worried about lifting amongst their male counterparts. Well, it’s time to understand the reasons that lifting is beneficial both physically and mentally for women of all ages.

Physical Benefits Of Lifting:

You Are Going To Look GOOD

First things first- Ladies, your scale is a filthy liar. Throw it out. Muscle weighs more than fat, so invest in a tape measure and record the inches you lose instead of pounds. If you do not know how to take measurements, watch the short YouTube video: How To Measure Yourself For Weight Loss by Lindsay Brin.

Lifting Will Change Your Body Shape

Have you ever stared at “that girl” in the gym that has an ass that defies gravity? I bet you see her in the weight room more than on the treadmill. She knows that the secret to sculpting her body is not just on cardio machines. She knows that she has to work those major muscle groups, like her glutes, as a regular part of her workout regimen as well.

Muscular development has a profound impact on the shape of your body. You can even target areas to change the shape of your body. For instance, you can work on increasing the width of your shoulders and back, and that gives you the appearance of having a smaller waist.

Keep in mind…

To see your muscles, you will need to eat properly, but fat burning is probably also on your agenda if you are looking for a change.

Muscles Blast Fat During And After Lifting

Many people have the false impression that lifting weights is only for muscle-bound meat heads who want to break out of their shirts like The Incredible Hulk. This is simply not the case. Numerous studies show that conditioning your muscles and building lean muscle mass in conjunction with proper nutrition helps your body to incinerate fat.

This is because the larger your muscles are, the more energy they need to sustain themselves. Not only will you burn more fat and calories while you exercise, you will burn more fat and calories while you are at rest. Your body becomes an efficient machine.

Lift at least 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes per session.

Strengthened Bones

Osteoporosis is more common in women than it is in men, and the risk of this condition increases with age due to loss of bone mass. One of the best ways for women to combat osteoporosis is to lift weights. This is because strength training over time helps to prevent bone loss and may actually help women to build new bone. Shaw goes on to say that many women see density increase in the hip bones and spine which are two areas most highly impacted by osteoporosis. No matter your age, it’s never too late to pump iron, and you don’t have to lift heavy to reap the benefits- just lift.

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