I am 46 male and had hemorrhoid surgery  Apr. 1 2013. Now it is almost 4 weeks after surgery.

Now BM is almost normal (just a little pain and tiny bleeding) and very regular (every morning).

The problem I have now is pain from exposed surgery wound and a big swelling. When I met my surgeon 2 weeks after surgery, he told me it is common and normal and would gradually shrink. But still the size is same and painful. And I still feel pain from surgery wound.

I read many related articles in this forum. Many people said to have BM problem/pain even several weeks/month after surgery. But I am not sure if they also have problem of sitting and walking due to surgery wound and swelling. I can't sit on the chair more than 30 mins and can't walk more than 15 mins!

My current status is just worse than before surgery.