NOTE: The stories in this forum help me prepare, and actually solved some of my problem during recovery. I figure I would share mine as well and hope this will help others. Please pardon my English as it is not my first language.


I am 30 year old, male, in good health but overweight (5'7" and 190 pounds). Hemorrhoid has been bothering me for the past 12 years at least. It was first some bleeding to a point where there it just falls out and I have to manually push it back in after every bowel movement.

I had it checked out about 3 years ago, and even had a colonoscopy to make sure it is no colon cancer. But it did not both me enough to make me feel like to shed couple thousand dollars, so I just let it go.

Everything was the usual until September 2013, when the hemorrhoid starts to bother me. It used to be pushed back in and that's it. Now it would hurt even after I pushed it back in, and it will stay that way for the next 7 or 8 hours, which definitely affect my work, and life in general. That's when I have decided to have it removed. 1.5 weeks before the schedules surgery, I started to have massive blood spewing out of my hemorrhoid during bowel movement. It did not scare me much just feel annoying as I had to push the hemorrhoid back in while blood splashed everywhere, then I started to feel light headed due to all the blood loss. That's when I was praying for the surgery date to hurry up and get here.


My family doctor referred me to the general surgeon. The general surgeon's nurse said he does about 4 Hemorrhoidectomy per month. He encouraged me not to do the surgery at first as it is extremely painful. However, I've just had enough with my hemorrhoid, so we scheduled the appointment.

My surgery was scheduled on Friday October 4th, 2013. After reading all the horror stories, I decide to start the liquid diet one day before the surgery (until I feel I am well enough to pass solid stool), and start to drink laxatives to clean out my colon as well. It was really uncomfortable as the hemorrhoid really starts to hurt after like 6 times of watery bowel movements. No drink or food after mid-night. However, due to my surgery was postponed from 8:30am to 2:30pm, I drank some water anyway.

My doctor said I will not be lying face down, just the usual position similar to how women give birth. His method uses a scalpel, cut out the hemorrhoid, then sew up the wound with micro-self-absorbing stitches. He said that's the method he preferred and has the least possibility of recurring hemorrhoid. He prescribed 5mg oxycodone, and some muscle relaxant to prevent muscle spasm due to pain. He said I can also take up to 800mg Ibuprofen every 6 hours to reduce the pain after surgery as well. MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM BEFORE YOUR SURGERY, OR HAVE SOME ONE WHO CAN GET FOR YOU AFTER YOUR SURGERY.


The preparation and wait time was about 2 hours, and according to my girlfriend who accompanied me, the procedure was about an hour after I was pushed the operation room. I did not feel much pain and was able to urinate on my own after waking up. I went home, feel weak, but actually was able to walk to living room and lay on the sofa to watch TV, which I passed out after like 5 minutes again.

I set my phone with the schedule so I know to wake up to take the painkiller throughout the day and night. Even though I do not feel much pain anyway.

The next day (Saturday, October 5th, 2014), I felt ok, even accompanied my girlfriend to Post Office, Costco (I wanted in the car) before head back home. By night time, that's when I realize - I am unable to urinate! I stood there for like 10 minutes, but just unable to push them out! So, I thought maybe I should wait for more urine to build up, that's when I felt light headed and fell in the bathtub. It scared my girlfriend, but I told her I am fine, most likely all the painkiller, and the pushing for urine action caused the light head-ness.

I read some more online, there was a suggestion that worked for me - bath in the tub, and then you will be able to urinate in the tub. It worked! Thus, I just bath in the tub when I need to urinate, but I sometimes feel frustrated and scared what if I CANNOT URINATE ON MY OWN FROM NOW ON??? Fortunately, this issue only lasted until Tuesday (October 8th, 2013). I had to push a little bit, however, it does flow. (Doctor later said it was due to the wound swelling and press the bladder and all.)

By Sunday (October 6th, 2013), I still have no bowel movement, so I took some laxative to help flush everything out. It was not painful, but I do feel some pressure around the anus. With only protein shake, juices, and supplements pills diet, there was not much other than water. I had bowel movement 4 times, I did not push, and just let it flow. This is also the time I learned proper bowel movement habit - DON'T PUSH. I pushed hard for all bowel movement in the past 10 years or so, thinking that's "cleaning out" the storage, but that's wrong, and also what causes Hemorrhoid. When I had the last push, I felt intense pain around my anus. I wiped and jumped into the bath tub. It turns out - a stitch broke outside my anus. There was literally a little hole next to my anus. I had to constantly wash it because it leak some foul smelling fluid and stains my underwear. It also hurts when touched so have to be ultra-gentle after bowel movement; best method to clean it is just take a bath.

By Wednesday (October 9th, 2013), I was back to work. I was not on my best shape, but I was hanging there. When I went to restroom for bowel movement, I actually forgot and pushed again, THAT WAS THE ONLY EXTREME PAINFUL TIME I HAD DURING THE RECOVERY. I did not scream since I almost fainted. I walked out the restroom full of sweat and my co-worker asked me if I need an ambulance because I looked really bad. I just tell my boss I needed the afternoon off and went home to rest.

Monday October 14th, 2013, that's when I went back to my surgeon for the first time since surgery. My surgeon said everything looked fine! He said I had only one hemorrhoid that is right above my anus, and it was about the size of a golf ball. The busted stitch actually had the purpose of letting the fluid out, and it will be filled out over time (which it did, as of October 20th, 2014, the hole is gone and flattened.) The same night, I had my first solid food in days - Clear broth noodle soup.

From October 15th, 2013 to October 17th, 2013, I felt extremely sore on my lower back and my butt. It was sore to a point that I cannot do anything, unable to sleep, etc. I called my doctor, his explanation is that my lower muscle groups are learning to "work" again, which will go away in couple days. His suggestion is 400mg Ibuprofen about an hour before bowel movement.


Starts on October 18th, 2013, I am pretty much back to normal! No heavy lifting until the next checkup which is about 4 weeks from the surgery. Now, I try to increase the fiber in my diet, drink more water, eat more fruits. Personally, the most important thing is - no smart phone, tablet, book, etc. near the toilet. You go in for 5 minutes, no "outcome", just leave. It was somewhat miserable the week after surgery, but it was totally worth it. I am actually not use to not push the extra "piece" back in.

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