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I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid last year and underwent surgery. The recovery was a bit traumatic, particularly as right after the first surgery I developed a large new thrombosed hemorrhoid. The recovery from the second op meant I took 3 weeks off work and it was very distressing.

As I'm sure every person who's gone through this also feels, I'm terrified of getting another hemorrhoid.

This morning in the shower I felt a lump kind of inside between my cheeks, but not at the opening. After panic immediately set in, with some mirror and light manoeuvring I had a look. There is a small area of skin swelling, and a very hard very tiny lump underneath. The thing is the source of pain is almost too far away from the anus for me to think it's a hemorrhoid, whilst the pain itself is the same distinct pain I had when pushing on a thrombosed hemorrhoid. It's the same side where most of the surgery was done and an open wound was left, I seem to recall that if I pushed hard enough I'd feel a tiny lump there as it was probably scarring inside. The open wound I can still just about see where it closed up, and that's about 1cm away from the source of pain. The pain itself is 2.5cm almost from the anal opening-is that too far for an external hemorrhoid?

Basically I'm just very worried that this is another hemorrhoid. Although there is swelling on the surface, it really just seems to be just that. As I've obviously had some trauma there I'm concerned there's a thrombosed hemorrhoid underneath and due to the surgery it's actually inside and therefore not a visible purple lump on the surface.

I had a BM only a very short while before I felt it, and as always it was very normal-I've never been constipated (and hence further annoyed to have gotten several hemorrhoids, I'm 25 years old now). I had quite a hot and sweaty night, after going out I literally slumped into bed on a very warm night, so perhaps the area not being cleaned with the sweating has led to irritation?

I just don't get why there's a pinpoint area of pain when touching suddenly, and am really worried it's a hemorrhoid again. Any thoughts?


2.5cm away from your anus, and no constipation so far. It is quite unlikely to be a hemorrhoid. My guess is it might be a cyst, but of course you should get it examined. Don't worry. It's most likely not a hemorrhoid.