In december I had a c-section to a 10 pound and 12 ounce boy, I'm quite small (5'4 and normally 110 pounds). There were slight complications, and I loss a lot of blood. At my 6 week post checkup, I was still very large in the tummy, even the nurses thought I was still pregnant. Sence my 6 week checkup, I started feeling more coherant and started noticeing things. First thing was that my periods are lasting a lot longer than normal, and have blood clots. I also have a daily mucusy discharge, like old blood. Now more recently I started getting sharp pains under where my skar is. I've been very weak, tired, dissy, dehydrated, nausiated, and have been having diarrhea. My stomach always seems to hurt, and it seems to be getting worse. Please Help!!! If all of this is normal than I am OK with that. If its not, I'd like to do something about it.