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I had a tonsilectomy when I was 36.  I had open-heart surgery and an 8 pound 10 ounce baby and the tonsilectomy was the worse pain I have every felt in my enitre life.  The first 3-4 days were not too bad.  They were what you would expect.  Day 5 started the most terrible pain.  I could not talk, eat or sleep.  Do not let the pain medicine wear off becasue it is harder to minimize the pain if you let it wear off.  Make sure you take it as directed.  It is important to drink plenty of water.  I ended up in the hospital @ day 10 becasue I was so dehydrated.  After @ two weeks I could talk (without it burning) and I could eat some things.  I drank alot of ensure to make sure I was getting some nutrients.  My ENT doctor told me prior to the surgery that I was going to hate him after the tonsilectomy, now I know why.  It feels like you are eating glass.  IT is horrible.  The doctor also told me that a tonsilectomy is the most painful betwee 30-40 yr of age...something with your pain receptors are most sensitve at this age.  IT

gets better because after the pain started to subide slighty, food taste horrible.  I had a sour taste to everything I ate for about two month after my tonsilectomy.  You can not identify what oyu are eating.  It was a terrible expereince.  Saying that...I am glad I had it done becasue i have not been sick in two years since i had it done. 


hi im 36 and 14days ago i had a tonsilectomy  ..and i agrree the pain isthe worse ive ever had ..and i have 4 children 1 of which was c-sec ..

     but im stillgetting shooting achey pains in my throat (is this normal??) every morning still hurts to swallow and takes about an hour to controll the pain i thought at 14 this would b over is this just me or was u the same pain tollerance is normally gud but this is depressing and im on an emotional low :( ne ideas was u the same?? x