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Hello everyone!
i've read most of the posts in this forum and i can say that most of you here are women. i am Male, and i need some "enlightenment" about my girlfriends PRESENT condition.

so, here's the case:

my girlfriend havent have her period for 3 months now. the last one that she have was end of Mar 2006. now is july and we presumed that she is pregnant. we do wanted a baby, but, at our age, we realized that its not yet the time for us to have one. Religion, culture, confusion, fear to our parents.. etc.. leads us to do things on our own.

but before doing so, we want to know these things;

1. is it posible that she is pregnant?
2. we are going to have a Pregnancy test tonight, and if we find out something positive, we are going to abort it.. and, so, i wanted to ask from u guys, which way to abort a 3 month prenancy?
3. Our friends say that using a CYTOTEC is also OK... is this TRUE?? i've read a lot of things in the internet about this pill and i can say that its not. :-(

lastly, my girlfriend and i loved each other VERY MUCH. we're now on our 2 1/2 years of happy relationship. we loved each other and we do want to have a good future for our children.

hope someone relies to this post... thanx a lot in advance.



Where are you from??THE US? Cytotec IS NOT USED FOR AN ABORTION!

It is USED AFTER the abortion pill to help clean the uterus through contractions, it FINISHES the abortion. BUT IT CANNOT FINISH AN ABORTION UNLESS you TAKE RU-486!!!

3 months is too late for abortion by pill, she would need a surgical abortion.

Parental consent is not needed to have an abortion, or to even get birth control pills. There is a way to easily bypass parnetal consent! It is called a Judicial Bypass, and most abortion clinics are happy to help with the process!

IF YOU would like to know about abortion clinics, how much they charge etc...

Click on your state, and it will show lists of clinics, prices, descriptions, etc... DEF look at this site. If you have any more questions please ask!


I know that you and your girlfriend love each other and want to have children someday and you are trying to get educated. I would like to refer you to a prior post with info about abortion.