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Ever wondered how Kim K's face looks so chiselled? How she gets those fab cheekbones? If you look back at pictures of Kim from 5 years ago, she looks like a totally different person to now - but why? Contouring. It can completely change your features!

You might be wondering what all the contouring hype is about. What is contouring? Why should we bother? Well, we're here to tell you that even if you've never heard of contouring, it could quite literally change your life (and your face). It involves using blusher, bronzer, highlighter and concealer to highlight the parts of your face that you want to show off, to minimize the parts that you don't like, to create hollows and shadows where there aren't any and to work your angles, whether you have a round face or a chiselled jawbone. Learn everything you need to know about contouring with this guide.

The Kit

You'll need various bits and pieces to achieve the look, but chances are, you'll already have most of them in your makeup bag which means that you won't have to buy anything. You'll need a set of decent makeup brushes, a liquid foundation in your usual shade, a liquid concealer in your usual shade, bronzer or a foundation/concealer slightly darker than your natural skin tone, blusher (a cream formula will be easier to blend), and a highlighter.

Generally, you'll be better off using a highlighter with a slight sheen to it - just make sure that it's not glittery or too pearlescent.

Don't forget the setting powder either, to keep everything in place once you're all done.

The Base

Before you even attempt to contour your face, you'll need to apply a base of foundation and primer so that you have something to work from. Clean skin (with a makeup wipe or you can do the job properly with cleanser and toner.) Moisturize skin and then let it thoroughly sink in, before applying a primer. Look for a formula that either hides pores or that minimizes their appearance, smoothing the appearance of skin and evening out tone and texture. Once set, use a foundation brush to apply foundation in any areas that need extra coverage and concealer to any spots that might need to be concealed. 

Blend using the brush until you have an even, perfect base.

The Bronzer

You might have seen photos of Kim Kardashian (we know we keep mentioning her but she's a great example!), with stripes of dark concealer, highlighter and blusher across her face - this is how the contouring looks before it's all blended together. The first thing you need to do is apply the bronzer (or the darker concealer or foundation) using a brush for extra precision. You need to apply it to any areas that you want to minimize - if you have a high forehead, just under your hairline, if you want to minimize your nose, brush along either side of the nose, if you want to make your cheekbones pop brush into the hollows of cheeks, and if you really want to show off that chiselled jawbone, brush along the edge of the jaw and just under the chin. It might look a bit odd now, but we'll blend it all a little bit later!

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