Hey friends, back in 2009 I had my thyroid removed with a Dx of Papillary Carcinoma.  Like all of you, I to was placed on Synthroid 100mcg, then 125mcg, then back on 100mcg now 11/2011 my TSH levels are 1.301 and they're putting me on 112mcg.  Took it this morning and it almost blew my head off my shoulders.  I was nauseous and sick all day until it began to wear off.  Dr's said "It can't be the Synthroid!", I think they're wrong!  Also, like all of you I went from 190 lbs to 211.  It's depressing, it stinks, I'm always tired, lack energy and something is with my hair being corse, not to mention I've aged and my hair is turning gray.  Oh, did I mention I'm 62, but in good shape PRIOR TO this thyroid gig.  So, here's my take on this.  The doctors don't have a handle on it, they're still practicing and WE'RE ALIVE for the moment!  Our lives are changed, it stinks feeling this way, BUT if we keep the right mindset and try to eat right and exercise the best we can, take a nap when you can and be around cheerful people we can still live a pretty good life.  My down time is usually afternoons for some reason.  But AM and late at night I do have energy.  This TSH level adjustments and adjusting the Synthroid stinks but we'll pray they don't kill us trying to maintain us.  Happy trails buckaroos, try to live your best life now despite all the energy loss and weight gained and not matter what THANK GOD EVERY DAY you're ass is still on this planet!