Hi!  I had a total thyroidectomy on 9/5/12.  I have a couple questions and concerns.  Through the ultrasounds, biopies, and even surgery, I was told there was no cancer.  However, the final thyroid that was sent off came back positive for papillary cancer.  My surgeon says he removed everything and no radioactive iodine tx is needed nor further surgery.  It will be several weeks before I get into to see an endocrinologist.  I'm just wondering without a scan, how do we know I don't need the treatment and is the endocrinologist going to suggest it as a safeguard?  My thyroid issues happened over the summer when I found a lump.  Over the next two months of scans and doctors the nodules grew to sizes like 6.5x2.5x2.5 cm plus more lumps and at the time of removal my thyroid itself reached ear to ear, underneath my mouth and down below my collar bone.  I don't want to get to excited about this being behind me then hear I need many scans and radioactive iodine treatment.  Any others with this?  Also, my calcium bottomed out.  My 1.5 days in the hospital turned into 8 days.  I was getting 3 IV's of calcium a day plus taking calcium like a kid eats skittles and it was barely staying above critical.  I came home on so much calcium and  vit. D!  Now, on the 19th, I am tearful, and nervous.  Never before.  My t3 and tsh were normal before surgery and my t4 was 13.6 with the high being 13.3.  I am on synthroid .75mcg .  I figure this will increase.  Also, I wake up soaking wet at night like a fever has broke but I don't think I am running a fever, just night sweats.  Everything will be wet.  I did take my temp last night when this happened and it was 98.4 under my arm.  I am a little concerned about it all and any info would be helpful!