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I am a 30 year old woman with some strange symptoms. 8 months ago i had these symptoms, hair loss, low libido, intolerence to cold, swelling of face, hands and feet, night sweats, hot flashes (this is due to a total hysterectomy 3 years ago) weight gain (about 30 lbs in 5 years) difficulty losing weight, mood swings, brittle nails, tiredness on a daily basis (coffee helps with this) fluid retention, no motivation what so ever, and now i have this fullness feeling in my throat, it feels constricting, its as if i swallowed a jawbreaker and it won't go down. I try to cough it up but it won't move, this kinda scares me. I went to the doctor and his first reaction was depression!! I am so tired of dr.s diagnosing patients as depressed. It's like a quick fix!!! Well I demanded blood tests and he did a TSH, T4, T3. My results for the tsh were .53, T4 was 1.65, T3 was 4.2 T4 and T3 were a little on the high side and the TSH was a little on the low side. He said they were normal and that I could possibly have acid reflux, come on now, acid reflux causing all of those symptoms!!!! Well after a few months, the symptoms didn't go away but they weren't as noticeable until now when i have that feeling in my throat. All of the information i have looked up on the internet all say hypothyroidism, could this be, and if so, why didn't my dr. look into this any further?? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for listening. I really don't want to keep feeling this bad through the holiday season!!! :-(


Hi Budgirl
I know your post is old, but when I saw it I knew I had to respond. I am new to the forum, so this is my first opportunity to reply to you.

I also have thyroid disease, and if that is the cause of your problems, I imagine you might still be feeling bad almost a year later. Are you?

I have had all those symptoms, and I relate them to my thyroid disease. All those glands and hormones are interrelated. When the T3,T4, Tsh etc fluctuate as they do in thyroid disease, all the body is affected, so it can cause so many symptoms. If you are still on the boards, let me know and maybe we can further discuss it and see where you are today.


Did your doctor manually check your thyroid? Sometimes, you can have a nodule in just the wrong place, which can cause your throat problems, but it won't exactly show-up in the bloodwork. I know; it happened to me. And I had my thyroid palpated (supposedly) by a PA, who wouldn't have been able to feel my thyroid where she placed her hands.
So I went to see my other doctor (fam doc) and he definitely felt the nodule. I mean; my son told me he could see it moving when I would swallow., and it was literally choking me. As it turned out, that nodule was massive and had grown down into my chest. It had to be removed. But, no; the bloodwork (TSH,especially) had been, "normal".
Since then, I've had the rest of my thyroid tissue removed, due to another nodule (well, two more nodules in the remaining thyroid nodes..) I am on levothyroxine - 100mcg per day- and just had my bloodwork done. Now the TSH is (qute) low, and it looks like it's supressing that too well. My symptoms are very similar to what you're experiencing, so yeah; it could be your thyroid. Not everyone's thyroid issues show up in bloodwork.

I am thinking of putting up a video (on another site- a very busy site) to show people how to check for thyroid nodules, as it is a very easy thing to do on your own, and something you may want to do if your doc isn't that good at it or not that into it.
If i do make the video, I'll post, here.