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Having sex with your partner while on your period is something that comes up quite often as a topic that people know surprisingly little about. There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding the proper protocol that should be followed, as well as differences from culture to culture.

There are many cultures, where a woman is perceived to be ‘unclean’ during this time of the month and even though there is a general broadening of minds worldwide, pockets of ignorance still exist.

Here are the medical facts.

Having Sex During Your Periods Is Perfectly Natural

There is no reason to refrain from having sex during your periods if both partners are up for it. Yes, it will probably be a little messier, but the couple knows that going in. If one of the partners is interested and the other is hesitant then talking about what to expect can help make it easier.

Follow some common sense things like putting down towels on the bed to avoid staining sheets or have sex in the shower.

If penetrative sex is not your cup of tea during this time of the month then women can use a tampon and can focus on other ways of seeking intimacy with their partners.

The Risk Of Pregnancy Is Low

Most people believe that it is impossible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period, however, technically that is not true. The above assumption is based on the fact that most women have their cycles ranging from 28-30 days, however, other may have significantly shorter cycles.

For a woman who is on a 21-day ovulation cycle, having sex towards the end of their six day period will mean that they are now approaching the window in which conception is possible. Also, remember that sperm can stay viable inside the cervix for three days, thus bridging the gap even further.

Thus, the chances of getting pregnant by having sex on your periods are low but still a possibility and do occur from time to time.

STDs Can Still Be Transferred Between Partners

A lot of couples take having sex during periods as an opportunity to have unprotected sex. This is possible because of the fact that they believe pregnancy is extremely rare and also that they do not need to use artificial lubrication.

As a result, sometimes the chances of exchanging STDs is actually higher. It is important to know that being on your period has nothing to do with actually contracting the STD, so if both partners are healthy then there is nothing to worry about.

However, the cervical opening is wider during this time of the month and so if one of the partners is infected, the likelihood of transferring that to the other partner is actually slightly higher.


Having sex when the woman is on her period is a social taboo borne out of poor information and arcane belief systems. The desire to have sex can, in fact, be higher during this time as the levels of estrogen and testosterone rise and can even help relieve menstrual cramps.

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