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(cant find the original post now that i've signed up... sorry for the new thread) Ok so of course most of us found this site by searching to find out why the heck we have this crazy discharge...glad to know I'm not alone! Thanks for all of your postings, hopefully someone will read this and be able to tell me what is wrong with me.

I'm 34 and had a tubal ligation 7 years ago. My cycles have run pretty normal until about 4 months ago. I began experiencing severe cramping and a very heavy, watery flow mixed with stringy mucus and clots whenever I would use the restroom (very graphic I know but I want to be very clear in my symptoms) give you a clue as to how "heavy" I was changing pads at least every hour or so and they were FULL! My cycle lasted like this for about 3 days (which is unusual since I'm a 7 day person) and then pretty much nothing after that.

I wasn't really making notes on when the mucus discharge would show up, which now I'm thinking I really should have kept a calendar or something. I mostly notice the mucus in the bathroom... alot of times stringing but still attached until I wipe. Yes, like most of you I have inspected it several times. Sometimes it's very snotty and is easily smudged and at times it is very well formed... strong and rubbery keeping it's form when pulled. I have no odors, no burning, or itching (aside from the normal when you shave). I dont have any other kind of discharge.. nothing.

This month has changed though...I am now 3 and 1/2 weeks late for my period... the mucus has once again shown up. It started yesterday and today the the mucus is bloody or pink.. again ONLY when I use the restroom. I even wore a pad thinking that I would finally be starting... but there was no sign of anything there.

I know this is long but I'm really starting to freak out a little. My mom had an early hyst. because of medical reasons... my grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Hormonally I know things have changed in my world... could this just be a sign of early menopause? I have a million things (as we all do if we sit and pick) that COULD be symptoms of one thing or another....if you have any answers let me know. Thanks.


You may have symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. My other less likely guesses include endometriosis, ovarian cyst and ovarian cancer. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis.