Hi people! Im 17 and suffering from mild to severe persistent acne since i was 13. I have tried everything but nothing seems to help. My entire face is covered by cystic acne that actually hurts a lot. It has caused scars over the years. My acne is really affecting me psychologicaly. I think im not the same person i used to be pre acne. Anyways My dermatologist finally prescribed accutane yesterday and i think ill be starting it in a week but that is when my college tests start and i really dont want to ruin my grades. I really need them for when ill be going to university. Plus i have my final exams next month. I really need to study. Do you think accutane will affect the way i prepare for my exams. physically or mentally? My derm says it wont. But still. Do you think i should wait till my exams are over? Please help! Thanks. :)