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Hi im 20 yrs old and i've had moderate to severe acne ever since i was about 15. I have tried everything! I have been to a dermatologist but everything he prescribed to me never worked. The blemishes are so bad to the point where it is painful to the touch. I can feel these large bumps under my skin, they don't ever break out onto the surface, they tend to just sit there under my skin, and they have been there for weeks, maybe a month.

So one of my doctors told me I should see a dermatologist and ask about taking Accutane. I researched it and found out that it is a very strong antibiotic that can cause serious birth defects, and even depression. But I'm not planning on getting pregnant any time soon, and I'm willing to do anything to clear up my skin!!! I hate this!! :cry: ... Has anyone ever tried Accutane? and how well does it work?? What were the side effects???


I have had acne since I was a 5yr old girl and started Accutane when I was 14. After constantly fighting the acne and scars they put me on it.

-Dries your skin & hair out to the point you will blister & your hair will fall out
-Hormones from this drug will make you very aggressive and moody/sometimes suicidal
-Causes birth defects (but you won't have to worry about that)
-I have liver damage (common side affect) now because of this drug

I started the program September 2007 & ended April 2008. For about 8 months after I had ZERO pimples. Not even a black head. I had no clue skin could be so smooth. However, it took over a year for most of my hair to completely grow back.

However, almost two years after taking Accutane I am having serious flares again, however, not near as bad as before. Only a few percentage have to go on a second dose.

If this is your last resort you won't regret it.[/list]