Sanofi-Aventis put new drug on the market. It’s a weight loss pill and a diabetes treatment at the same time, and could treat millions of Americans but first it needs to be approved by the FDA. Also some separate studies have shown the drug may be effective at helping smokers quit the habit. The pill could lower blood sugar, trim the fat and reduce weight.

The drug is called Acomplia and has been demonstrated multiple uses in treating and preventing type 2 diabetes, including helping weight loss, reducing blood sugar levels and trimming fat.
Combining weight loss and blood sugar control could be beneficial to diabetics, who often suffer from obesity, giving rise to the industry term "diabesity."
Most analysts consider Acomplia a potential blockbuster. American citizens will wait for Acomplia until the FDA finish the approval process.
Acomplia acts in the brain, where it blocks hunger-inducing receptors, and in fat tissue, where it increases cytokine, a protein that is often lacking in obese people. When people don't have enough cytokine, it interferes with their insulin levels and increases their chances of developing type 2 diabetes. In the same way that Acomplia can help reduce hunger, Sanofi-Aventis says, it may also be effective in reducing cravings for cigarettes.
Acomplia is in the last stages of testing and a new drug application was recently filed with the FDA. The most common side effects of the drug are nausea and vomiting, which tended to disappear after a few weeks, according to an ADA report.
More then 18 Mio. Americans suffer from diabetes type 2. If FDA approve the use of Acomplia in United States, the producers can expect very high sold rate and consumers can expect the diabesity invader #1!

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