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My cousin, who is also my best friend, was just diagnosed with Onset Type 1 Diabetes! I thought basically only kids and teens were diagnosed with Onset Type 1 Diabetes, but my cousin is 42. He became obese over the last few years, and I am not sure if this is what caused the Onset Type 1 Diabetes, or if it was just a sign the diabetes was progressing. Whatever the case, some more info about this condition would be appreciated. What role do genetics play in this? I know we are not immediate family, but I am already starting to wonder if this type of diabetes could also affect me or my kids now.


Dear myrtle220, 

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. If the disease is severe it will cause a person, young or old, to need insulin to control the blood sugar. 

Since "fat cells" attract insulin, naturally, a person who is obese will present with diabetes since they do not have enough insulin for their enlarged body. Loss of wight usually helps. I mean aggressive weight loss: like 600 to 700 calories a day. Medifast plan using the powder mixed with water will do it since a person can lose 20 lb a month. I had patients loose 100 lb in five months. 

Class one diabetes are usually young and thin...but if a person needs insulin well, often they are classified as class one, but I really think one is just more severe than the other and that they are the same disease process. 

Tell me about the person...age, race, prior medical history: in detail. Childhood diseases, family diseases, etc. In detail. 

Yours, Norsk10