New study claims that neck pain that is common in people can be cured with Acupuncture very successfully. Study found that alternative therapies such as acupuncture, neck manipulation and massage can be much better for neck pain than some existing practices. Experts say that neck pain can be associated with headaches, arm pain and even depression. It doesn’t matter if it arises from sport injuries, car collisions, workplace issues or stress, neck pain can be very bothering for people.

Researchers found that persistent neck pain can be recurrent condition for many people and it affects their ability to deal with daily activities. However, some people manage to carry on with their daily activities but it’s very difficult for others. For those people there are small number of therapies that could provide relief but there isn’t best option for everyone.

Doctors agree that neck pain can be a great problem but they hope that further studies about acupuncture can find some promising results and help people who suffer from this annoying problem.