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China is the country where acupuncture has originated with a long history of 2000-years. This is one of the science formations wherein small needles are position into body’s different acupuncture points to indulge different disorders and to obtain great wellness.  “Qi” and “Meridians” are the basis of acupuncture techniques. One technique which is the “Qi” is defined as the way where energy is accorded as it goes through various paths of human body called “Meridians”. In accordance with this tradition, meridians quantities of 12 were in the body and once the single or more meridians is blocked, sickness grounds. With this facts, hope that you’ll be able to learn what acupuncture is all about.

How Acupuncture Works?


When the needles were inserted into different acupuncture points then the acupuncture works. You might wonder how that scary needle works but for you to realize, this form of medication doesn't cause any pain. The significance of acupuncture needles is to guarantee the smooth flow of energy and alleviate the diseases. 

What are the Uses of Acupuncture?

Many presume that acupuncture only used for constant pain remedy such as body arthritis and joint pains. Nonetheless, acupuncture is very good for headaches, asthma, ulcer, migraine as well as digestive problems. Even the spiritual health will get better with the use of acupuncture. Different kinds of depression, phobias, and mental disorders can be treated as well. It ameliorates any form of body’s imbalances making it physical, mental and emotional. It makes the human being as a whole and totally cured.

As the popularity of acupuncture arises, imposer practitioners become numerous presenting you acupuncture and guarantee you they are competent enough to cure many diseases. Thus you have to deem that acupuncture is not a simple but a complex science needs to be accomplished with very much care. Make sure the healer’s legitimacy and facilities you are planning to go with. Make a research and find a good idea about the acupuncture beliefs. Hopefully, this unprejudiced facts here became helpful to you of what exactly the acupuncture is.

Lots of illness suffered over the years as well as body imbalances have now a solution and that is the acupuncture. Chronic pains can now be conquered and you can now enjoy without suffering.

Hope this information helped you a lot. I am licensed Frederick Acupuncture Specialist and Herbalist. To provide comprehensive health benefits through programs designed to help you make the lifestyle changes necessary for long term health and wellness is one of my goals.


I do suffer from anxiety and depression and I chose this kinf of therapy to fight my condition along with medications. Hope it starts to works. This is my third session which I went to. I cut off alcahol and caffeine



Gilbert from Malta