I am in great need of some advice please... I have read all the post on here, and tried everything but I can't escape this excruciating pain :( I'm 21 female, I had my adenoids and tonsils removed on 13th Dec 2012. I am on day 6 today and the pain it getting no better. Day 1 of the operation I was in a lot of pain but nothing compared to how I feel now. I have barely eaten I just cry the pain is so bad! The only thing I can manage is room temp water and a cup of tea. Anything too cold/hot is too painful. I never imagined the pain would be so bad, if I would have known I wouldn't have Fons ahead with surgery!! Christmas is 1 week away and I'm worried I won't be well in time! The doc has prescribed me co-codamomol codeine and voltarol when taken the pain killers the initially work more do the voltarol but they ware off so quickly! Does anyone know of any other meds I could take to help ease the pain for longer?? Thanks :)