I'm almost 19 and I got my tonsils out on July 17, it's now July 23 and the pain has gotten way worse. The first day was really bad but then each day got better. But now since my scabs seem like they're going to fall off soon it is excruciating pain. I cried the first day and today, and I usually have a high pain tolerance. My medicine worked the first couple of days (Tylenol codeine) but now barely does anything. I tried to eat hard foods like bread and chicken on days 2-5 but gave up, today I could barely swallow water. This has definitely been a hard recovery. People say 7-10 day recovery but I think most older teens/adults should expect a 10-14 day recovery at least. Also, ice pops didn't really help me because the flavoring stung my throat, and ice cream definitely makes more saliva. Room temp soup is what I ate everyday. 

And I only lost about 2/3 pounds.