Hi all, 

I just wanted to share my recovery story with you to ease your pre op anxiety should you be trawling these forums looking to find out what you'll be in for after your tonsillectomy. 

I'm a 28 year old female that is currently 2 weeks post op. I had a bit of work done- tonsillectomy + septoplasty+ open functional rhinoplasty + reduction of inferior terbinates :O (3 & 1/2 hrs in OT) Call me crazy.. But I only wanted to deal with one general anaesthetic & one recover process. Needed/opted to have these procedures done as I've never been able to breathe through my nose properly & have mild sleep apnoea. My tonsils have also have me frequent grief with grubby tonsil stones :s ewww.. I had very scarred/cryptic tonsil beds thanks to many infections over the years. 

My recover process was soooo much better than I thought it was going to be! I did go in expecting the worse.. But I have been pleasantly surprised so far! Mind you I did keep on top of my pain relief extremely well- thanks to my amazing partner who set his alarm 4th hourly in the 1st week (even through the night!). If you told me I hadn't had a tonsillectomy during day 1-6 I may have believed you as the pain from my throat was very minimal- I was easily tolerating toast 3 times a day & staying hydrated wasn't an issue. I found cold fluids/food bliss at this stage! My nose was giving me more grief at this stage- yet in saying that pain from my nose was  still very tolerable- it just felt like sunglasses had been pressing on the bridge of my nose for far to long. Day 6-9 I took over my pain relief.. & I didn't do a very good job lol.. I would go far to long without administering any meds- bad move! Once the pain kicked in it was harder to get back under control. My advice: keep up with your meds- take them regular up until day 10, don't try to taper down or wean off before this stage like I did because day 6-9 will probably be the days you experience the worst pain- they were for me. In saying that, the pain was still manageable, just not very pleasant.. It may have taken me 30min to eat 2 pieces of toast.. But it was doable lol. Day 6 onwards I found room temperature food & fluids more comfortable on my throat. The post op tonsillectomy pain was never was any worse than a really bad case of tonsillitis for me. I was really lucky & never experienced any ear pain. 

All in all the recovery process had been much better than I was expecting :) One thing I must mention though is the fatigue :O I'm am plagued with.. It's crazy! I feel like i could sleep 24/7! If you can plan to/are able to have a little as possible on during your recovery.. Do it! You won't feel like doing anything but resting. The whole process is a big insult on your body, so rest up well & don't feel bad about doing so. 

Anyone out there trying to decide if they should have multiple ENT procedures done at the same time like I did.. I'm glad I got it all out of the way in one go! I personally think it's the way to go. Like I said.. One general anaesthetic, one recovery & one lot of time off work :) 

My hot tips; 

Reg pain meds- don't fall behind- even set an alarm during the night to ensure your having your meds regularly.

If you can- Purchase a humidifier! I used a Vicks warm air humidifier- had it on every night & found it helped. $45 on sale at big w. 

I bought a ice shaver from jb hi-fi for $19- it was heavenly during the 1st week! If you can afford/manage to get something like this for your recovery.. do it- Ice chips/shavings are bliss on your throat. 

As uncomfortable as it may be.. Sleep upright for the first 2 weeks- it will help long term with swelling & pain :) 

Eat toast or other scratchy food like they suggest as it does help the pain & process.. & stay well hydrated. Your tonsil beds will hurt the most when your not well hydrated! 

Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses twice daily- will help prevent infections- you can get it from the chemist & just follow the instructions on bottle. 

All the best fellow ENT patients :)