Hi, I am 20 years old and needed a tonsillectomy. It was awful and at the time I regretted having it done. But I am 7 months post op and have no gotten a soar throat once. I used to get strep every couple weeks during the winter. However, the recovery is terrible. The first day was the easiest. the second day for me was bad because i couldn't eat anything but was still taking my liquid perceset therefore, i starting throwing up and if anyone could imagine it was the most painful thing to ever happen to me. i did not eat anything until the 5th day post op i started eating chicken noodle soup. i lost 20 pounds and considering i am 5'3" and 110 pounds i did not look good. as the days pass for post op the pain gets worse. the 4th-10th day were the worst for me. when the scabs began falling off i couldn't even drink water because it burned. it was a terrible experience but i promise after you will be satisfied. the ear pain is really bad too.. worse than any ear infection i have ever had. honestly, the worst part of my recovery was not being able to swallow my spit because it is really thick to try to heal the scabs. i had to carry an empty water bottle around with me everywhere i went for 7 days to spit in. it was veryyyy gross because of the smell from the scabs. i have heard people say they felt themselves swallowing the scabs as they fall off but that is not true, well at least it wasn't for me. i also felt like my jaw was locked because from not moving it around it became very stiff. well i just wanted to let everyone know that the recovery sucks, but it is all worth it. hope i helped your decision to get a tonsillectomy. if you are younger things shouldn't be this bad because they say it gets worse as you get older.