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Hi I am Cathy and I had my tonsills out five days ago. I have been reading through this site and am scared about the pain to come. Although I have been coping well so far the pain seems to be increasing and I have a 2 1/2 year old to take care of.

I would welcome any feedback from people in the same boat as me. :-)


Hello everyone. I had a tonsillectomy 9 days ago, i am 37 and have taken 2 weeks off work for recovery. I had no idea what I was getting into!! :-D

Still I think I have gotten off litely all things concidered and wanted to put a positive account of a tonsillectomy on this site.

Day 1 -Tonsills removed and lots of pain killers, it was not too bad. I stayed in hospital over night and came home next morning as I was drinking and eating, I even had toast for breakfast! :-D

Day 2 - My throat was white , pain was reasonable - 2/10, that night I ate a full evening meal, I just chewed everything to mush. I also used a mouth wash morning and night for the first 4 days. Another nasty symptom that was developing was discustingly bad breath!! But all considered I was coping well, until day 5 (good old day 5) :'(

The night of day 4 I could not sleep and the pain was realy getting to me for the first time (the tops of my scabs had started to come off). I was coping on parasitamol 4 times a day and ibuprofen 3 times a day. I was drinking warm drinks almost constantly aswell which REALY helped the pain.

So on day 5 i went to see my Doc to ask for stronger pain killers and was told I had a throat infection. I was given some penicillin and cocodamol (parasitamol with codine) to help me cope. I was also told I could take the ibuprofen (which is the best pain killer for me)4 times a day for the next 3 days - excellent! XD

By that afternoon my throat was on fire and swollen up and I was drinking chilled water constantly, which helped to bring down the swelling. I had a realy rough night, pain level 7/10 but drank LOADS and made it to morning.

Day 7. Pain level 7/10 - I took my meds regularly, drank loads, and although I could not eat more than a few mouthfulls at a time i found the pain tollerable. I had the usual ear ache, stinging throat, tooth ache, tongue pain but I got through it and took the penicillin. BY that evening I took iboprufen and cocodamol and the pain seemed to die down.

Day 8 .What a difference!!! The pain had reduced to a managable level -3/10- Most of the scabs had just melted away. I went pack to parasitamol and ibuprofen and drank constantly. I also cought up on lost sleep.

I am now on day nine and feel that I am over the worst of it. More white scabs have formed on the back of my throat but it looks thinner and the pain has dropped to a level of 2/10! I have seen no sign of bleeding and am keeping my fingers crossed I'l be ok. :-D

My tips for coping with tonsillectomy:
Eat regularly, even if you can only manage soft cake. Drink constantly, it was the best pain killer for me. Warm drinks upto day five and then cool drinks day 6 to 9.

If you cant sleep from the pain then get up and distract yourself with something (I found reading this site good, or a good book) and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK. You can catch up with sleep later.

Finally look out for realy smelly breath and yellow scabs at the back of your throat - you may have an infection! If in doubt then get yourself strait to the doctor, I dread to think of the pain I would have experienced if I haddent got penicillin when I did.

Finally Good luck to anyone who is going through this.
I would welcome any comments from anyone reading this. :-D :-D :-D


i'm 20 years old and had my tonsils out on 19/01/2009 had a major uvula swelling which the a and e doctor claimed he'd never seen swelling that bad, which led me to being transferred to a specialist hospital an hour away.
i've been drinking 2 liters of water a day and find this really helps, food wise im eating wheatabix for the fibre, soft toast and tortellini.
I'm currently on dexamethazone, diclofenac and co-dydramol but am running low on the diclofenac will the doc prescribe me more?
The scabs have yet to come off im really nervous about this should there be others things i should be eating and drinking?


Hi there. It sounds like youv had a rough time with the uvula complication. I had some swelling and sorness of the uvula and it felt like I was swallowing it as I swallowed. This lasted about 3 days (days 5,6 and 7) and then it returned to normal size and settled town.

It sounds like your doing realy well with the eating and drinking and I would carry on as you are, the main thing is that you stop your throat and also the scab from drying out. Dont worry about the scabs coming off, as long as you DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, then they should disolve without too much pain. My scabs came off gradually over a few days and there was red sore skin underneath but it happens very slowely and is not that bad if you keep drinking. Even now a very thin scab comes and goes at the back of my throat and I think it is part of the healing process - (i had my tonsills out on 15/01/09)

With regards to your medication nearly running out I would air on the side of caution and see your Doctor as soon as possible. I went to see my Doctor to get more meds and was told I had a throat infection! I would go and stock up your meds and get checked out, make sure everything is healing propperly. :-D

Its probably worth mentioning that you should'nt eat or drink anything acidic such as orange juice or eat tomatoes, banannas or any spicey food. Stay away from fizzy drinks as they killed my throat. :-D

I hope your recovery goes well and that i have been some help.
contact me any time. :-D :-D


Hello all!

I am just over a week out and have had a very positive experience so I thought I would post that to reassure those going into the surgery>

First I had the good old fashioned cut and suture procedure. With electrocautery and coblation methods there is a lot of collateral damage which leads to more of the pain during recovery. It takes doctors longer, but worth it from the patients standpoint...especially if the doctor is a skilled surgeon.

My surgery took place about 9AM, and I didn't take any pain medicine until 2 that afternoon and that was only because the hospital wanted me to take some before they released me to gauge my reaction. I was prescribed tylenol with codine. I used some that night to make sure I slept, but I felt and slept fine. Days 2 and 3 were the same - minimal discomfort and barely used and medicine.

Days 4-6 had some minor pain while eating and sleeping, but the medicine took care of it.

The last two days have been pretty good, and the "scabs" (they're not really scabs - i believe the white stuff is some kinda micro organisms that "feed" on the dead "stuff".

Throughout the recovery I drank mega fluids!!!! I was told to avoid de-hydration at all costs.

Stay away from all Ibuprofen, aspirin - they thin the blood and slow the healing process for an injury like this.

Good luck to all - it really isn't that bad!!

God Bless


Hello all. I had my tonsils removed 10 days ago and unfortunately it was as painful as everyone (with one exception) had warned me about. Having put it off for far too long (18 years) and having spent 56 days sick last year through various infections caused by the 'rotten' - as the ent specialist said - tonsils, they had to be removed.

The first three days were difficult yet as most have already said, if you take your pain meds it is manageable. I developed an ear infection on day four which prevented me from eating (critical to our recovery), but an exta dose of painkillers and a course of anti-biotics and cortisone has put me back on track.

I initially lost 7kg's (I weigh at most 68) and am back up to 64kg's.

Plenty of liquids (found fizzy drinks work well) and crisps as well as biltong (beef jerkey) have aided my recovery. I still experience some discomfort when eating meat or bread but take a mouthful of water for each two mouthfulls of food. Best wishes,


I am 30 years old and seven days out from my recent tonsillectomy. Like some of the other posters, I was concerned about the pain postoperatively. I will have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how well I am doing! The first few days were rough, but that has gotten much better. The worse thing for me so far has been the nausea! I was so happy my MD sent me home with nausea medication - that has really helped. Also, staying hydrated has been the best thing! I drink ice cold water whenever I think about it. This keeps your throat from "resting", keeps the swelling down (because of the ice) and helps numb the back of your throat. Plus, dehydration begets pain begets poor intake and the cycle starts all over again. I did make the mistake of eating too many sweet things (i.e. ice cream, pudding, pudding pops etc) the first several days and I think this contributed to my nausea. Take it easy on the sweets if you are not used to eating a lot of them. And keep hydrated! Otherwise, good luck - everyone is different, so you will get you a lot of different responses and no one will have stories alike!


im getting my tonsils out on monday, i was wondering do you get put to sleep, i know ill be staying over.


ahhh so im on day 7. the first couple days not to bad. Saturday i ended up getting sick and threw up. No fun at all. Sunday ok day. Monday threw up again. Finally got new pain med and anti nausea meds. Sleeping sucks because i cant breath and swallowing hurts. Yesterday day 6 i threw up. this morning i threw up. i am having trouble keeping anything down including the medicine so i can not manage my pain which means im not drinking near as much as i should. I just wanna cry. this totally sucks.


I am also on day 9. My pain has gotten better actually. Days 4 through 7 were absolutely the worst. I also was very nauseous. The pain medication tastes so horrible that I gagged with every dose. I stopped taking it and just dealt with the pain. It was better than throwing up. Now I am taking tylenol. My doctor also prescribed two meds for nausea, but they never did help! Now my throat is super dry because I became dehydrated and I can not sleep or not be drinking for more than 30 minutes without all-of-a-sudden excruciating pain shooting from the bottom of my throat to my ears. I agree, this really sucks... but just think... no more sick days because of infections.


well i am 15 years old and i jus had my tonsils taken out 5 days ago

i have this funny white stuff all over my tongue and it the pain is 7/10 i have really bad breath and i cant eat anything i drink alot of water. is all of this normal????

my doctor didnt explain anything and gave me wierd answers to my questions.

when will the pain stop and when do you think i will be able to eat normal again?

any input will be great thanks to all


Hey so my name is Chase, im 20 years old, and I am on night 5 post op. Although I dont believe I have had any of the complications that some people listed (i.e. infection, dehydration) it has still been some of the most painful few days of my life. The first 2 days were semi ok, as my tongue and uvula were not super swollen. Towards the end of day 2 my uvula started to get SUPER swollen and i started choking on it if i wasnt carful about my breathing. Day three I got prescribed stronger pain meds ( A MUST in my opinion). I have been taking liquid vicoden, and it seems to work pretty well. I dont have any problems with upset stomach... at least so far.
The night of the 3rd day, i woke up choking on a mouth full of blood, and kind of freaked out. It didnt really hurt very much at that point, it just kind of scared me and made me nauseous. I blended up some ice into basically shave ice, and started packing that down my throat. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly.
Today I had a couple more instances of waking up with lots of blood in my mouth. Im pretty sure its because i let my throat dry out... When im awake i am usually sipping cold water through a straw. STRAWS are KEY! Recently I started drinking warm tea, as the cold water really shocks my exposed nerves. "Traditional Medicinal's Organic throat coat tea" is the best stuff ever. Highly recommended.
I dont under stand how people eat toast, or pizza, or pie... The most solid thing i have been able to eat is bread absolutely SOAKED in chicken broth. Even the noodles in chicken noodle soup are hard to swallow. As for nutrition, I would recommend making a batch of Miso soup, pouring it over a big slab of tofu in the blender, and liquidizing it. Makes kind of a thicker solution, but its easy to swallow, and tastes pretty good. Not to mention highly nutritious.
Im hoping im through the worst of it, as the white coating on my throat is starting to come loose. Still would not recommend this op to anyone who dosnt REALLY need it.
and get good pain killers.
ALOHA and good luck


hey people

Iam 23 and got my tonsils out 4 days a go

days 1 and 2 were fine hardly any pain and kinda eating well just not been able to sleep at night due to the weird build up of saliva in the mouth, only getting about 2 hours sleep each night

on night 3 at 2am in the morning i went to take my codine does with panadol and as the tablet went down my throat must have scratched open a blood clot i was bleeding for about 10mins and also nearly fainted due to the site of it all. after it stoped bleeding i got myself warmed back up nad just sat in bed making sure the bleeding did not restart other wise i would have gone back to the hospital

day 4 i was in alot of pain and was unable to talk clearly at all i think this was to the bleeding the night before


# make sure you take pain killers or panadol every 4 hours cause once the pain sets in it hurts (just try to not go over the daily use)
# you aint going to sleep so dont even try just keep your self occuiped at night if you do get tired you will sleep for 1 or 2 hours
# MCDONALDS frozen cokes help to sooth the throat and has seemed to help me eat a real meal as well
#make sure you dont eat anything sharp this includes tablets (crush tablets into water)

i hope this gives you some reading material and help with having your tonsils removed

thanks John


hiya, my name is charlotte. i'm 18 years old, and currently day 7 post op.

i had my operation a week ago, and wasn't prepared for the pain that followed. i was really worried about the anaesthetic, however, remember nothing about the procedure or even waking up. the first thing i can remember is lying in the hospital ward, feeling extremely tired and aggressive due to the medicine and anaesthetic. my operation was at 10:00 am, however, i didn't leave until 5:30 pm because i hadn't recovered well enough - i only managed to eat a couple of mouthfuls of toast but was able to drink a lot.

day two - for me, this was probably my worst day pain wise. i could barely move i was in so much pain, and i continued to vomit all through the night to the point i was crying and begging to be taken to hospital. despite the doctors recommending 'rough foods', i couldn't eat anything, and so just drank plenty of water. the lack of food led me to vomit just bile and stomach acid in the night.

day three - i visited the doctors and asked for stronger medication, i'm currently taking pain killers that are the ones below morphine, however still feel at times these are not strong enough. i was also given anti-sickness tablets, anti biotics to prevent infection and voltarol to decrease swelling, also an oral mouthwash i had previously used with tonsillitis. i ate a piece of toast but mainly ate tip tops on this day, as i found ice cream was difficult to swallow. i had researched in to the operation before and seen all the warnings about dairy foods, and to an extent these are true, ice cream is very thick and so is yoghurt - they tend to cling to the back of your throat. however, i always add milk to my coffee and this is fine.

day four - despite the anti-sickness tablets, i felt sick all day, and barely ate anything. if like me you struggled to eat, make sure you drink plenty of water, i found orange squash too acidic and painful.

day five - i had suffered from tiredness since the operation, however today i was feeling incredibly drowsy and just wanted to sleep. i managed to eat a couple of salt n vinegar crisps but slept most of the day

day six - i ate a piece of toast in the morning, and felt my appetite was coming back and ate a small bowl of chips in the evening and a bit of salad.

today, i'm feeling alright, the past couple of days my throat has been healing and the scabs have been causing a lot of discomfort. i can only describe them as shards of glass in my throat, nothing i do will take the pain away. i'm hoping i am through the worse though. the only advice i can suggest is drink lots of water, and if you feel you are in too much pain, go to your doctors and get some stronger painkillers. it's bad, i wont lie. dont drink alcohol, fizzy pop or anything acidic. i had some chilli sauce yesterday and that was okay. you're going to feel really tired, and the pain is bad. i'm not sure if i would have gone through with it now, knowing how bad it is.


Hi my name is Barbara, I'm 24 years old and currently on day 5 post op and I honestly didn't expect the amount of pain that I have been in .. thank God that I only had a fever of 100.4 one day .. I have been in and out of sleep I find that I sleep more in the mornings and I'm at 2am watching countless dvd and reading countless books %-) I do find that keeping my mind busy from the pain and concentrating on anything but my throat helps and drinking drinking drinking lots of cold fluids help too

I just started slowly eating solid foods yesterday and so far so good .. reading a lot of your stories helped me in the process too it kinda feels nice to read stories of people who are going through the same thing and same amount of pain.

my advice for anyone getting a tonsillectomy in the near future:

Take your Pain medication DONT WAIT till the pain gets there and then take it trust me, I was stubborn and did that and I paid the price for it

If you feel you cant talk Dont force yourself to cause its just gonna cause you more pain in your throat try to relax and do quiet stuff, read a book, watch movies.

Sleep when you can, Cause your not going to get much.

Drink ALL your fluids, you let your throat get dry and its going to be intense

Mac and cheese, yea soft but sticky in the back of your throat, your gonna eat make sure its velvetta

hope this helps anyone just like everyones helped me

thank you :-)