I'm a 24 yr old female and just had my tonsils and adenoids out 13 days ago. Reasons why was for terrible breath, tonsil stones and a always white coated tongue. Before this procedure I ruled anything else out first. Dentist to check my oral hygiene- perfect. Sinuses issues-perfect. My ENT gave me acid reflux pills to take 2 weeks before I had the surgery just incase it was that, it wasn't. So I was ready to have this done. One week after surgery I was eating any solid food I wanted! Some tips are to always always drink cold water! I went through a 24 pack of water the day I came back from surgery and continued to drink so much the following days. I believe that's what had made me recover so quickly.  Jello, applesauce, and Popsicles were my best friend. I used a humidifier every night and I always stayed ahead of the pain with my pain medication. The ear pain did suck I always had an ice pack handy. I hate Gatorade but I did get Ensure Clear-it's like a juice-so it's nothing thick and they have different flavors. That can help with not being able to get your nutrients from not being able to eat. My uvula was so swollen I felt like I couldn't breathe at times and I had a low grade fever for 2 days but that all went away within a few days. The pain from the scabs falling off was terrible and the smell was even worse which made me physically get sick for a few days and I feel like I did this for nothing, but I know I'm not completely healed yet and my tongue has never been so pink before EVER even with the scabs. No word on if this has cured me yet but I'm very hopeful. I know everyone is different with healing and I was prepared for the worse, but my recovery was so smooth and I honestly believe it's because of staying very hydrated. If you feel you have done everything you can and it has come down to you getting a tonsillectomy, do it! It's so worth it in the end. 1-2 weeks of pain for a lifetime of relief is worth it! Good luck to everyone!