Hello everyone! 

Ever since May, I was struggling with severe tonsillitis. At one point I even had to get a giant peritonsillar abscess taken out of my left tonsil. Finally, after having terrible cases of recurrent tonsillitis every 2 weeks my ENT told me that we should just take my tonsils out and I was BEYOND terrified. 

Some advice I have to you, if you are getting your tonsils taken out, DO NOT look up horror stories about tonsillectomies. I did this and it had me freaked out for weeks before my surgery. All of that mess about hemorrhaging will have you not being able to sleep for days. 

My tonsillectomy was scheduled for August 2nd, 2018. Of course 4 days before my surgery my left tonsil decided it was the perfect time to flare up and I came down with another case of tonsillitis(my 6th case since May). My doctor quickly prescribed me antibiotics and a steroid to hopefully get the tonsillitis to go down before my surgery. 


I arrived at the surgery center and I was so nervous. My surgery was at 9:30, but I was told to arrive at 8:00am so they could prepare me for the surgery. The nurses took my blood pressure (and boy was it high because of how nervous I was)  and they inserted and IV. I then met with the anesthesiologist and he was able to calm me down a bit before my surgery, the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room feeling so dizzy. The nurses in the recovery room gave me ice water and a popsicle. I was still so drugged up that I was able to drink about 3 cups of water with ease. The doctor came in to tell me that my tonsils were some of the worst he had ever seen and that I actually had a "quinsy tonsillectomy", meaning that my tonsils were so infected that when he started the incision pus started pouring out of my tonsils. He then continued to tell me that he had to cauterize more of my throat than he would have to for a normal tonsillectomy and that my recovery will take a lot longer than normal. 


I made sure my fridge was well prepared for this surgery and I already had bottles of water on my night stand so I was sure that I would never run out of water. I also bought a cool-air humidifier to help keep my throat moist. The first thing I did when I got home was drink an incredible amount of cucumber water(didn't burn). My mom also made me some plain chicken broth(no noodles or chicken) and I was able to drink it at room temperature. I was still feeling pretty great and was able to sleep for a bit but I made sure to set alarms on my phone for every 2 hours so I could wake up and drink some water/take my medicine if it was time. I had the hiccups this day, which was pretty scary because I was scared the pressure was going to make something burst in the back of my throat. 


To be honest, I barely slept. Not because I couldn't sleep, but because I didn't allow myself to sleep because I was so obsessed with drinking water. When I did sleep, and it was only for 1-2 hours at a time, I would wake up and be in pain. The pain subsided as soon as I took some medicine and got some ice cold water down my throat. These days I was able to eat things like apple sauce, chicken broth, popsicles, pudding, and jello. Honestly, the pain was not bad at all, the worst pain was when I would wake up from a nap. My pain level for these days was at about a 3-4 during regular times and maybe a 5-7 when I would wake up. Also, I couldn't really talk because every time I did mucus or phlegm would come up and I was scared to death to cough. 


I felt weird, not because of my medicine, but because I was not experiencing significant pain like I would see in stories about others experiences with a tonsillectomy.  During these days the worst pain was still when I would wake up. I know the doctors tell you to get a whole lot of rest after surgery for the next two weeks but I did much better only taking small naps(sometimes only sleeping 3 hours a day). I was eating scrambled eggs, KFC mashed potatoes with gravy, chocolate chip pancakes and smoothies just fine. I was walking around and talking to my family. One day I even was able to eat some chick-fil-a fries and dip them in chick-fil-a sauce, even though they took me forever to eat(I think this was day 6). 


On day 7, exactly 1 week after my surgery, I went to the Baltimore Raven's preseason game and ate some chicken tenders and fries. I also went swimming this day and was out and about. I was so confused as to how I was fine. I was still drinking about 10 water bottles or more a day just to keep my throat moist. Day 9 I had 2 soft tacos, nacho fries and a burrito from taco bell with some hot sauce(no burn, like how?) Day 11 I had an Italian sub from subway. I stopped taking my super strong pain medication during this time period, I felt as if I never really even took it unless I actually wanted to sleep for a while, even before these days, Tylenol worked just fine for me( don't take ibuprofen or aleeve as that thins your blood). During this time I could also tell me scabs were falling off and it felt strange, no pain, but it definitely felt like strange as if something was caught in my throat.


By this time I was fine, I began going back to the gym on day 13 and I saw my ENT again on August 14th for a check up. My doctor was amazed at how easy this process was for me as he told I was probably going to experience more pain and troubles than most, along with a longer recovery time. He thought that if any of his patients were to hemorrhage or have massive bleeding that it would have been me because of how terrible the surgery was. I was now fully eating normal hard foods and not even taking Tylenol anymore. 


Some advice I would give to anyone who is having a tonsillectomy is to STAY HYDRATED! I sacrificed sleep for about a week just so I knew for sure that my throat was not going to get dry. I also really advise you to get a humidifier and to not read horror stories beforehand. Maybe my recovery went so well because I was advised to continue taking my antibiotics and prednisone(steroid) I was prescribed for my tonsillitis every day after my surgery. Or maybe I just got lucky. Also do not do any strenuous activities for at least two weeks after surgery, whenever I would lift something semi-heavy I would feel pressure in my throat and you do not want anything to burst in there lol. I was super lucky enough to have such a smooth recovery and I wish the best for everyone! 

(sorry for any misspelling or missed punctuation as I am on my phone and it was hard to type in the text box LOL)