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I have been feeling no so good for over three years and blamed it on my hiatal hernia. Until three weeks ago I asked my doctor to send me for a abdominal ultrasound.
It came back mulitple gallstones.
My daughter age 22 just had hers removed and she had way different symptoms than I do, she was vomitting, bad pain in right upper stomach that she was hunched over miserable pain.
Me on the other hand no matter what I eat I get swollen stomach (disstension), upset stomach feeling, gas bloating, indigestion, upper chest pain, back pain, shoulder pain.
I have surgery scheduled for 3/25/11. I have been eating fairly good no fatty foods, chicken, rice, lowfat cottage cheese, soup, crackers well tonight I ate a pice of very fatty yummy cheddar/mozzarella string cheese and 3 crackers I got a sharp pain in my rest chest muscle and back like maybe 2 inches from my rib cage on right radiated into back.
I took 4 gaviscon thinking this was hiatal hernia/heartburn. It hurt more when I took deep breaths. Scared the c**p out of me.
I get dizzy but not spnning dizzy just like my heads not right and tired all the time.
all other tests ekg, heart stress tests, blood work all good other than gallstones.
anyone else feel like I do and gallbladder removal helped




I have same problem as you mentioned before. I had checked stone charcteristics after every 3 months, which give its current situation. But I want to suggest you that Strictly Please Use drinking water more as you can. which will reflect in ulterasound report and show these are reducing in size gradually. And use Aruvedic medicine having storng effect .