Hey I was working out July 14. I was doing dead lifts the wrong way and felt my insides streatch. I went to the hospital that night cause of a panic attack (My first). Found out i had GERD for my first time, and had a sliding hiatal hernia but it was only 3 cm long. That and I had sever gastritis, ulcer, and inflamed esophagus.

I also found out my gall bladder stopped working but no stones. I had it removed, but my upper abdominal pain kinda came back. I have chest pains at the bottom of my chest plate right under it. It hurts slightly when I breath and achy. Also Sharp pains some times on my left lung. These symptoms have been their before the surgery. I'm in week 2, the pains left the first 5 days but slowly came back. Would u suggest I get my hiatal hernia fixed ? Would that stop it ? Like I am at a lost of what it could be. I don't drink soda , and I stay away from fatty foods.