Ok had attacks for awhile now. They got a lot worse think around six months ago. They pretty much happen after eating but think occasionally they might even happen from just stress.

They always are pretty much the same. I usually notice my stomach gets hard and distends. I usually feel very hot and start sweating.  I start to feel something happening in the solar plexus area. Now sometimes it builds and is a wave type of thing. The pain at the worst has been 10/10.

I thought it was acid reflux and when the attacks started to get worse and more frequent was starting to chew down tons of gaviscon, extra strength tums. But seemed most of the time these things didn't work and the attacks were frequently progressing lasting an hour and had one attack that lasted about 3 hours. Went to emergency and they did ultrasound and found gallstones and said should get gallbladder out.

We have pretty slow timetable for operations like this here and they said first had to see specialist which is like 3 months and then he would likely book gallbladder surgery which might take another six months or more so could be like a year wait.

Since had all this time anyway tried some off the net cures including doing a gallbladder flush with olive oil and grapefruit juice. A lot of stuff did come out but there is big debate over if its really gallstones or formed from the olive oil treatment.


I am still getting attacks and they seem to be more frequent lately. They are not so far lasting more than about half hour and they are not really going past 3/10 or 4 /10 for pain. I have found something that seems to help again off the net and that is taking apple cider vinnegar when attack starts and try to take it pre eating as well.

The Apple cider is one of the few things that seems to stop the attacks pretty quickly and the tums and gaviscon was pretty hit and miss. I would also try to throw up but not usually much help and sometimes feel like throwing up when these attacks got bad.


I have kept detailed food dairies going back years but dont' seem to make sense some of what I see.


I have had attacks it seems from typical acid reflux type of things chocolate , etc but can same things that cause reflux attacks also cause gall bladder attacks. Are my syptoms sounding like gallbladder or more like hiatal hernia or acid reflux?


I had endoscopy years ago and barium xray but that was years ago. Had some problems then but the attacks were not lasting more than a few minutes maybe half hour max and were not near as severe as ones that have had in last six months.


O was on nexium for awhile but was still getting attacks. I was pretty  much eating what I wanted though.