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My girlfirend has been in the Hospital for the last 6 days now with abdominal pain that mirrors all gallbladder symptoms. She is 22, had a C-secton 7 months ago. Every Test has been run from bloodwork, ultrasound, CT Scan, and HIDA Scan. All tests are negative yet she is still in ever increasing pain. She does have nausea and greasy foods make her double over in pain. She has to receive two Darvasets every three hours just to lower the pain level to a bearable level. She does not run a fever. She has had days of extreme nausea and vomiting but then other days with none. Please help as I am running out of options!


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Hi! I don’t know what to say! I have had such symptoms when suffering from gallstones attacks. It was awful and the pain was devastating! Yet, I had to wait two months for my surgery!

Did she have any similar problems before or is there a family history of any diseases?

Has pancreatitis been suspected? Acute pancreas inflammation can cause similar symptoms. Pain that comes suddenly and is severe or pain that builds up gradually and is felt in the upper middle or upper left part of the abdomen and gets worse after meals. Pancreatitis pain usually gets better when a person curls up than when lying flat on their back. The pain is usually accompanied by nausea, fever, chills, vomiting, have fast heartbeats ( but not all of them must be present)
What is her blood pressure like?


Dear Newbie,
Did you ever get to the bottom of this. I am having the same problems for 1 week+ with negative test results and cannot stand the pain any more. I would appreciate any advise as to how your girlfriend's treatment went.


I've had this happen 5 times now. I get severe abdominal pains for 4 to 6 hours. The most intense pain possible at least to me it is. Literally on the floor unable to do anything... anyway all the tests come back negative, blood work ok (no infection, liver and pancreas normal), ct scan ok, scope down the stomach ok, hida scan ok, xrays ok, two ultrasounds ok,... etc.

So now what? The doctor says i can take the gall bladder out, but NO TEST IS POSITIVE! It might solve the problem or it could do nothing. Is it possible for the gall bladder to cramp without gall stones???

Everyone on my mom's side of the family has had their gall bladder out, no one on my dad's.

4 of my attacks were after eating food, 1 not. The foods were steak, cereal, coffee and beef roast. It sure seems like a gall bladder because it seems to hit just after the food leaves the stomach???? About a half hour delay after eating.

I never have heart burn, been treated for ulcers just in case twice.

oh yeah a "pink lady" takes the pain away after 10 minutes. No idea what a pink lady is but it works, like a shooter :-)

Any ideas?



I used to suffer from excruciating pain and thought it was my Gallbladder, but tests showed nothing was wrong. Well, after 18 months and 7 trips to the ER, I finally found somebody who was willing to remove my gallbladder before it ruptured. Although tests were negative, my gallbladder was faulty. It's just too bad a person has to go through so much before anyone will do anything.


I'm watching this closely because I have had pains ever since I was 15 years old. I thought it was because I was a self-conscious teen starving myself, but I am 30 years old, have had two children, and I STILL have it... although it has gotten worse over the past two months. The one night, it lasted 12 hours. I refused to go to the ER because I had work to do the next day... and I kept thinking it would go away... and it finally did... but after 12 hours! :O

I just went to the ER two days last week... first day I left, I couldn't take sitting in the waiting room any longer. Second day, we stayed. Two abdominal ultrasounds were negative. X-ray of the abdomen negative. Ct scan with contrast negative. I just got my HIDA scan today and when she gave me the CCK, I got INCREDIBLY nauseous... and when I got home an hour later, had both diarrhea and vomiting. I've never had diarrhea associated with my pains until today.

I'm just shocked that this isn't a cut and dry thing... so basically if my HIDA scan comes back and they say that my function or whatever is at 30%, then we still wouldn't know if it is really my gallbladder or not???!!!


I, too, am at my wits end. I have been suffering with gallbladder symptoms (didn't know that they were related until August 2006) for over 10 yrs. Been to doctors, and ER. ER said it was gas because after 5 hrs. the pain went away. There were alittle busy in the ER. After this last attack (August) I have had every test under the sun. Bloodwork, ultrasound, hidascan endoscopy, colonoscopy, MRI, Cat scan. Now I go for an egg test. I have the classic symptoms, but nothing shows. Is is possible that the tests are negative because they were done right after the attack (over 2 months) and nothing has built up yet. I continue to have dull pain (RUQ) nausau, etc and just feeling UGG> Doctor believes that it is gallbladder but doesn't think a surgeon will take it out without conclusive evidence. THey want me to go for ERCP and I think that there are too many risks with that. I can't afford (because of taking care of my kids) to have pancreatitis from this. Why not just go in laporoscoply and see what is going on? Any one else like this. Need to know that I am not the only one like this.


I have the same exact situation as you....had all the tests done...and all came back negative while I roll over in pain.




Just wondering if you ever figured out what was wrong?


I was actually at the emergency room last night and was told I was having a gall bladder attack. All of my test are coming up negative and this isn't the first time. I have had this problem for four years, but this is the worst case I have ever had. My surgeon is blaming a stomach ulcer, but I have had all of the scopes and they don't show anything. I just wish that I could stop this. I haven't eaten anything in two days because I know that if I do it will just end badly. If anyone has found anything out about this please let me know.


I would just like to add what I am reading here I had lived for 2 years pain that would come and go mostly at night I would wake up with such severe pains I could not tell if it was my back or my stomach seemed to go straight through. Eventually at times I would have to get up no matter what the time and have a bath as hot as I could stand it. Soak for an hour or so then crawl back to bed and finally sleep. All test came back neg. for Gall stones, nothing could be diagnosed had all the blood work etc. Then finally I had A CT scan and yes although I had only a couple small gall stones my gallbladder seemed somewhat inflammed this apparenly would not have shown up on an ultrasound. Out came my gallbladder and 6 Years later I have not had that pain since that day I had it out. I would recommend to anyone that if there is a chance that it is your gallbladder have it removed certainly you do not need this organ so having it removed is a good gamble as far as I am concerned.


Hi there I would go for a second opinion or ask your doctor to look at the ultrasound again. Because I was having the same pains from greasy foods and went for an ultrasound and called my doctor office and they said they found nothing on the ultrasound, but the week after I had a bad pain that lasted all night and day and went to the hospital and was diagnosed with pancreatitis due to a stone that was blocking my bile duct and the ultrasound tech remembered me from the last time and said she seen the stones and my doctor did not see them. Maybe they are very tiny stones and these are the most dangerous ones cause they can get caught in ducts and block them and cause major damage..

Hope this helps a little



I have just recently started having the same symptoms. Pain on upper right side under ribs, pain under my right shoulder blade, swollen abdomen and alot of burping, espeically after I eat. I also had tests done, ultrascan, HIDA, blood work, all came back negitive, too. Dr. prescibed Nexium, which seems to relieve some of the symptoms but not completely. I was told I had GERD...? But I dont have heart burn or acid reflux...

I cant believe soo many of us have the same problems but the Drs. cant figure it out. Has anyone finally been diagnosed with gallbladder problems yet? 8-|


I am BEYOND excited right now. You all have NO IDEA the hell I've been through with this!

I've been reading all these posts and have been nodding along with almost all of them. I had an ultrasound done (September 2006), and an abdominal CT with barium contrast done (February 2007) and just recently, an endoscopy done (4/11/07)

The CT and the ultrasound showed nothing GB related. The endoscopy showed that I have a sliding hiatal hernia that is quite small.

But, when I've read up on anything about hiatal hernia, the symptoms I have, which include nausea, right upper quadrant pains, especially after eating a fatty meal, yellow stools, and episodes of pain have nothing to do with a hiatal hernia.

This is now going on several months of this! Could all this be a result of a lazy GB? Should I be looking for a second opinion?


I am going to have my gallbladder out on June 1st. I went through two other gastro doctors, each telling me I was fine. I finally went to a third doctor and in a few weeks he found that my gallbladder was not functioning. He also thinks I have crystal-like stones inside, but we will not be certain until surgery day. I have had pain for over 2 years. I have family history on both sides of the family of gallbladder issues. I can eat and have the pain or I can starve and have the pain also. I drink water sometimes and it hurts. My surgeon told me to stay away from meats and milk products until the surgery. Don't always think it is the food that causes the discomfort!