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I read a lot of these posts before my surgery a month ago and they scared me half to death! I had a C-5/6 6/7 ACDF four weeks ago.The surgery was a complete success and most of my numbness/tingling/arm pain is resolved. I am SO glad I had it done! My energy is still low and I am sore, but one would expect this after major surgery. I feel very fortunate that I had a problem that was fixable and that it was successful. Please do not let all the negative posts scare you. Most of the people who have had successful surgeries and good recoveries (like the majority of patients) are not still at home looking for support on sites such as these. We are out living again and getting on with things.

A COUPLE OF TIPS that I have discovered through my experience in the past month:

1) USE A RECLINER!!! It was nearly impossible to sleep in bed the first two weeks. I had heard/read this, so we bought a recliner. It was a godsend.

2) HEATPACK! The muscle spasms/pain in upper back and shoulders was the worst part for me. I got an "elastogel" neck wrap that can be heated in the microwave. It feels GREAT and is very helpful in relaxing those sore spots. I still use it.

3) SOFT FOODS and BENDYSTRAWS- for the first couple of weeks it is hard to swallow. You will also have limited range of motion in tipping your head back. Stock up on stuff like applesauce, pudding, mac and cheese, soup, etc. The bendy straws were also an essential.

Those are my best tips. Again, remember that most of us have great outcomes from this surgery! Keep a positive attitude and expect that things will go well-odds are that they will!


Thank you for your positive message! I was involved in an accident (Falling merchandise hit me from top shelf..stacked about 5 feet up... the item that hit me was made of airplane metal) which has left me with two herniated discs and three bulging discs in my neck for the past 7 months. I have been trying the non invasive treatments, therapy, massage, chiropractic and non have helped. My ortho spine specialist is now sending me to try cervical epidural injections for the horrible pain in my neck, back, chest, headaches, numbness & pain in my right shoulder, arm and hand.
I am hopeful that this helps with with pain and inflammation I am experiencing, however I do know that it will not fix my herniated discs.
Even though it is scary....I do want to have the surgery to fix my neck and start to feel somewhat normal again.
This has been a very stressful, painful life changing experience and I just want it to end, but not without being fixed. I can't hold my 4 yr old daughter, pick up things without dropping them, normal household chores are virtually impossible to do without help and my horrible demeanor with my family because of the pain and headaches has to end. Before this accident I was always a loving, kind, fun, active and very organized I am just moody, tired, angry and can't remember is driving me crazy..not to mention the damage it is doing to my family.
I know that the ACDF is avoided by surgeons, but I am confident that I want to go through with it to fix my problems and hopefully start my life as the person I was before this accident.