Had my surgery on 11-18-2016. I went in with severe main and only shoulder pain and problems raising left arm, snd severe pain from bone spurs. I also had deteriorating disk, had acdf had 5-7 done the pain relief on left was instant but the pressure in between shoulders from surgery was awful but normal, then I started noticing both shoulders hurt but I could lift the left one up and could not before so that was better at least but my neck pain has returned with a vengeance in the same spot. I had to have another MRI it shows that the space is retained but my disk is herniated again with thecal sac effacement. I had surgery to get rid of this 50,000.00 $ worth of it. now the pain moves from neck to shoulder, to chest , to mid back. it sucks. I have numbness, tingling, earaches, sometimes cant breath from it.  I feel you guys