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I’m interested in inheritance pattern of alpha thalasemia. What are exactly its symptoms? How does it affect blood cells?


Alpha thallasemia occurs when alpha globin gene fails. Here is shortage of alpha units in haemoglobin molecule. Inheritance of mutant genes is just a matter of chance. Severe transfusion dependent anaemia is one of the phenotypes caused by missing of alpha globin. Alpha thalassemia occurs more often in people of African and Asian ancestry.
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To put it more clearly.

You get two genes for every cell in your body from your mother and two genes from your father. Together they build everything.

Blood/Hemoglobin has two Alpha and two Beta cells. They make up your bone marrow. These cells combine in the bone marrow to make blood.

The four inherited Alpha genes from two parents can be damaged on one side or both either in part or in all. If all are damaged then death occurs before or during infancy. There is nothing to sustain life when there is no blood to transport minerals. If more than two are damaged this is the outcome.

When one or two of the alpha genes in one Alpha cell are damaged, the result is that blood created along with the Beta cell fall apart and are destroyed early in their life. There is the other affect of blood not being able to be created at all.
When a blood cell dies, it dumps its iron and anything else that it was carrying into the blood stream and minerals that are lost in this fashion are absorbed quickly by white cells and organs.
Iron is a heavy mineral that can damage muscle tissue and organs, while the loss of blood damages them and other organs further.

The result is energy loss and increase in pain and a host of other side affects and ailments depending on the activity level of the individual suffering from this disorder. The content of their diet, hydration, and exercise rates also contributes to the lack or increase of these felt affects.

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