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Well, it has been 8 months since this started. It was around the time I got food-poisoned. I am a major emetophobe(a person who is scared of vomiting) and the feeling it caused got me near the boundary of a solid panic attack. But I didn't throw up. Since then, I got very cautious, always checking food expiring dates, avoiding people who show any signs of sickness(even the smallest ones). Because, in my way of thinking, everyday there is a fair chance I can catch a bug or something that can get me to throw up. And that, for me, is like going to hell. I kid you not.

So, with all the panicking, I lost my appetite, lost about 8-9kg(I was overweight, so this didn't really bother me). But the feeling never went away. The feeling got more serious and started interfering with my everyday life, made me skip school, lose concentration. Yeah, the feeling gets worse when I have a test, because grades are kinda important to me.

Sickness is pretty much here all the time. It gets worse when the night falls and I have trouble sleeping. I'm currently taking some meds that calm me, but they don't were all the time. I have developed some calming methods like taking long walks or just squeezing my neck to cause pain(yes, I know it sounds crazy but it helps, to a certain degree...). When all that fails I completely break down and my heart rate goes up, and the feeling just gets worse. Then I'm spending the night near the toilet, just in case. And that sucks.

If anyone has dealt with this, and actually survived to tell the tale, could you help me? This is really getting on my last nerves and I see no way of stopping it.

Thanks in advance, Alice.


Hi, I have the same problem!!! I feel you!!!