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I thought I might create this discussion, so we could all share our stories about that Best Friend that moved away, I want to get this out of my system and out there. This is in Australia


In Year 4. A new girl came into our class, her name was Alice and she was from England. She was different from everyone else, She sounded different, acted different. Instead of a pencil case she had a pencil cup she brought to school everyday. Back then, I was quiet, and I kept to myself. That day at recess, she came up to me and asked if I could show her where the toilets were. Thats where it all started. The most glorious thing in my life, started with a trip to the toilet. I asked her what part of England she was from, she said Cheshire. I said my Granddad comes from there. I started asking her about London, and about the Buckingham Palace Guards, the ones that never move. She said she unintentionally made one laugh, after falling over her little sister. When we went back to class, we still wanted to talk to each other, but she was on the other side of the room, so we were shouting at each other, the teacher, noticing our blossoming friendship the moved us together. We soon became Best Friends.


Year 5. Yep. This was the year that life decided to take a dump on us, we got the worst teacher in the school, Mrs, Campbell. She was so ean to us. That year, our class was called 4/5C, because there were 6 yr5's and the rest were yr4's. The other yr5 class was full, anyways, Our math course was different to the year 4's so everyday at 12 o'clock, Mrs O'Dell would take our small group of yr5's over to a table on the side of the room to do our math. One day when we were doing fractions, she brought in Pies, Pizzas, Tiny Teddys and other food to help us with the fractions! And it was all ours! I opened my packet of tiny tedys and counted them, i had 14 and the rest only had 13! Being such a good best friend, I gave Alice half of my tiny teddys and she shared her pie with me. It was the small things like that that were fun. Sometimes when we had a sub, we would switch names, Bags, books, everything! So much fun!


Year 6. Best year! By now, Alice and I were the noisiest things in the school. Got the new teacher, Mr, Elston. He seemes mean and strict at first, but he turned out to be the funniest guy! He played guitar for us and because he was the school PE teacher, he would take us out there more than he other classes! We played games like silent ball and let us do art, yet we still learnt so much! He was a bit of a digresser, Alice and Me took advantage of that during math! Mr, Elston said that his wife had just had their first baby! Sophie! So one day he went outside claiming he needed fresh air, when he came back in, he said "Look what I found outside!" and brought in Sophie! Me and Alice LOVED babies, and we got to hold her! The end of the year came fast and we were getting ready for our Year 6 farewell. Poor Alice. Her little sister picked her dress. This awful purple frock with a glitter butterfly on it. I went in this short, Dark grey dress with silver, flat sequins that got closer together the further up you went the dress. I had rhinestone flower pins in my hair, which had been pulled up into a french bun by Alice. Everyone said I looked beautiful, but I told them it was Alice that did all the work. At the end of that night, I had lost half the pins, my cheeks were flushed red and my hair wasn't in a bun anymore! From that night, I gave Alice one of the rhinestone pins (they were so pretty) and she gave me the charm off her bracelet.


Year 7. Ahhhh. High School. Where your face is smashed into society. It was confusing at first. We were always getting lost while looking for our classes. Alice and I once walked in on a Yr9 class doing Sex Ed! Awkward! Further on that year... Alice went all quiet. I asked her what was wrong. When she told me. She was moving back to England. I went quiet too, and everyone worried, they were so used to us being the loud ones. We didn't even bother to insult our French teacher.


Her Last Days: The last day of school arrived, and Alice would be leaving in two days. So we organized a jumbo sleepover. She slept at my house for the remainder of her time in Australia. My Nan (I live with the Grand Parents) gave up her queen bed for us and she took mine. We stayed up for two nights, talking and playing games. On her last day... we went down to the park, we got bored so we went and skipped stones on the lake. She pushed me in! I dragged her in with me and we ended up swimming in the lake! It was raining that day so it was cold too! We found a log and pretended to sail it from Antarctica to Australia. We got out and attempted to dry ourselves with banana leaves. We went back to my hous, got yelled at, laughed, and took showers. We went up to road to buy some lollies and we were singing in French at the top of our lungs! We got back that evening. We were crazy on candy, so we picked some oranges from our orange tree, threw them at the ground to split them, and threw them at passing cars, trucks and buses!! I remember one half of a really juicy orange landed inside the truck (Window was open). Then we saw Sean, Walking past my house. He was our friend but because he was a guy, it was a mixed relationship. So we threw lemons at him. She also, drunk all my tea. She loved my nans tea.


The Day That Broke My Heart.... It had arrived. Her very last day. We cried our eyes out, we refused to let each other go. But we had to. Her Mum, little sister and little brother also didn't want to leave. It was all her dad. We stood in the backyard crying and hugging for over half an hour. I said goodbye to her Mum, sis and bro (Dad was at the airport) then, she had to leave. I watched her walk down our driveway to the car. Before she got in the car, she turned and looked me straight in the eye. I watched the tears fall as she got in, and drove away. My Nan went inside. I stayed in the yard, just standing there.... My Best Friend was gone. A few hours later, I looked up, to see a plane. I checked the time. Alice was on that plane. I watched it until it dissappeared into the horizon.........

For three weeks after that, I cried whenever i saw a plane. I wouldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. Now who was i gonna be stupid with? Who would be my partner in crime and mischeif? Who would act beside me as the two girls who never really belonged? Who would be b***h #2? I realized, only she could. I could never ever in a million years replace her. We still talk on the phone once a week..... God Bless her soul. xox <3


thats a really cute story. it made me think of my best friend