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I feel Pregnant, but I am not, at least the 2 Pregnacy tests I took 2 weeks ago said so. For the past month and a half I have been feeling very abnormal. My stomach is always acting up, it just has this strange sensation I feel constantly that I can't describe. I feel kind of naseous, and I'm bloated all the time. Plus I have to go to the bathroom a bit more frequently than usual, I don't ever feel very hungry, my moods are changing A LOT and I'm usually just very tired and not feeling good. My last period was 2 and a half weeks ago, but it was abnormal. No cramping, very light and only lasted 2 days, barely. I have been taking oral Birth Control pills for roughly 3 months now and my partner has a low sperm count. What does how I have been feeling mean, is there a chance I am Pregnant?


I have been having the same problem for the past 4 weeks. I have also taken several pregnancy tests, all of which are negative! I did some research and found that the negative pregnancy test could be due to low hcg levels, so you may want to consider having a quantitative blood test done to be sure you are not pregnant. I also found that birth control pills can actually be the culprit sometimes. I have been testing negative for 4 weeks now, so either I'm really not pregnant and my birth control pills are causing the problem, OR I am pregnant and just have low hcg levels (which my mom also had, so I don't know if its hereditary or not, but might be worthwhile asking your mom about!). Either way, I made an appointment to see my ob/gyn, I figure she can help me get to the bottom of this! By the way, which birth control are you on, just out of curiosity!