I see that there is ALOT of posts on the question of "Could I be pregnant?" and I am just giving some friendly, general advice to anyone asking themselves that very question? First, if you had intercourse..where the mans penis penetrated your vagina without a condom or if the condom ripped/fell off, he pulled out, etc....then YES, there is a chance. If you are taking birth control pills and have not taken them properly or took antibiotics and did not use back up birth control then again, YES, there is a chance. The ONLY way to know 100% sure, is too either get a home pregnancy test (EPT is a great one) and make sure to use your first morning urine, or go to your doc and get a blood test done. Bottom line is if you are not practicing 100% safe-sex, then there is going to be some chance..maybe not a big one, but always a chance! The more risky the behavior, the greater the chance! But instead of worrying yourself crazy...get the test, take it, and deal with your results, cause you will then know for sure. If your not wanting to get pregnant, then may I suggest boning up on your safe sex practices, or take your BC as prescribed, or don't have intercourse, because it can and will get you pregnant! The sooner you find out if you are prego the better. I do wish each and every one that is worrying right now about this, that it all turns out ok for them! Good Luck