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Hello all. I'm a 24 year old male with a deep, dark problem. I'm having uncontrollable and sudden outbursts of anger. They normally last half a second but sometimes they last longer. And they keep coming at a rapid pace. My reason? In order to shake off bad memories. They follow me almost everywhere, even in public. I nearly got into an accident yesterday while driving. I slap, punch, and kick walls, my steering wheel, and the floor. Sometimes I throw objects violently without concern on what they're going to hit. I also yell at the top of my lungs (as if I was hurt) in an attempt to rid myself of the bad memory. Fortunately, I haven't taken out my aggression on anyone. I nearly screamed during church on Sunday but I was able to hold it in. Can someone tell me what sort of condition I have and what I can do about it? Or am I just crazy?


First of all, you are NOT crazy.

Now, maybe you should talk to someone about this anger, like a counselor. I would say a friend, but they might not understand. You need to get help because if this anger is causing you to endanger yourself, that is not good. Since you already almost had an accedient because of this anger, you definatly need to do something about it.

As for when you're in puplic and the anger over whelms you, just take several deep breaths and count to ten. (yes I know it sound stupid, but it'lll help you)

I hope everything works out for you!