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Yo, I’m Ethan and I’m 17 years old. I live in South London with my Mum and four brothers. My Dad took off when I was 12 so it’s just us.

Here are my problems...

1. I love to fight; I fight almost 2-3 times a day. I use stupid excuses to get into brawls with people. For example, pushing in line, looking at me funny, calling me or any of my family names and you’ve had it. I was once arrested for attempted murder when I was 15 but was let off once the police discovered I done what I did in self defence. Despite this incident, I still fight frequently.

2. I have a serious drinking issue. I drink ANY alcohol I can get my hands on. I even drink so much that some times I just wake up in the middle of no where with no idea how I got there. I believe drinking is also one of the reasons I fight so much. And also I believe drinking is what is causing my third, and in my opinion, my worst problem.

3. I see and hear things that aren’t really there. People calling me, screaming, gun shots and the most regular thing I see are people running towards me. Especially at night, when it’s dark, I see them, just running towards me, and sometimes they scream. My mum and brothers had even told me that one night I was fighting with “Thin air” in my sleep, lunging forward through the air and punching the walls.

Help me man!?


Your the same guy that wants to punch his older brothr every time he speaks, right?
With what you have described of your self, myself and probably others who read your post, will most definetly suggest some kind of therapy for you. You are endangering others by constantly wanting to fight, as well as yourself. The drinking is no good, especially when you black out and can't remember where you are or how you got there. You are putting yourself in some extreme danger. You need to speak to your mom or a school counselor and ask them to help you get into some treatment plan. The hearing things that you describe sounds like you are having some kind of mental issue.
You could end up getting really hurt, or you may end up dead somewhere.
This may be due to your dad leaving you guys.
What does your mom say about this stuff going on with you?
Is she aware of all the issues you have at school and of your drinking?


My drinking is not an issue! I drink because my mind tells me to. If I dont drink I can't function proberbly until I get more.

Its like my fuel.


Sorry to say, but your drinking is an issue. And because you say your mind is telling you to drink, that makes it an even bigger issue. Alcohol is not fuel, it's a depressant. People can do some real crazy things when they are drinking, and not remember a thing. You are 17 and consuming that much booze at your age will not do a thing for you exept make all of your existing problems worse.
As i told you earlier, you must see a counselor and you really need some serious therapy.
You said by your own admission, "I HAVE A SERIOUS DRINKING ISSUE'
Look back at your post. You numbered it #2.
How does one function while they are crocked? You can't drive, you can't hold a decent conversation, most of the time, one can not even walk a straight line. How do you feel you need alcohol to function?
You came here for help, help me man, was your last statement. We are here to try to direct you to the proper channels where you can get the help that you so desperatly need.
If you are still interested, we are stll here for you.


Yea your right, my drinking is an issue...

One I need to take control of. Do you think my drinking is the reason I see and hear stuff?


I would say that plays a hugh part in it. You sound like such a nice young man, and you can be reasoned with, i think.
I played my hand, now what do you want to do? Can you find some help on your own, or do you need some help with that?
We can take baby steps, together if you want.